Strength and Weakness Walk Hand-in-Hand

Day 63


I know my strengths and I embrace them.

I know my weaknesses and I accept them.

I am grateful for the whole of my self.

Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses.  They are our personal gifts and challenges.  It’s easy for the ego to lead us to feel falsely BIG about ourselves because of strengths we possess and falsely SMALL because of weaknesses.  Embracing strength does not mean gloating, boasting, or feeling self-important.  To have a strength is to have a gift to share with others.  Accepting a weakness does not mean accepting defeat or having an excuse to belittle oneself.  Accepting a weakness is being honest in facing an opportunity for growth.  Embracing and accepting both as complementary parts of a whole reminds us that we are a wonderful blending of both strengths and weaknesses, and neither should make us feel big or small, only blessed and grateful for who we are.

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