Why Am I Here?

Day 65


I am living my Purpose daily.

I exist because I exist.

My life’s meaning is my life.

A search for the meaning and purpose of one’s own life can never be found; it can only be lived. That is because there is nothing to find, it is already right here, right now.  The answer to, “Why am I here?” is found in the question.  We are here because we are here.  What we are meant to do with ourselves is whatever we are doing.

Our purpose is to live, to experience this ever-changing, bewildering, amusing journey called existence.  And to what end?  To one day cease living this physical experience and transition into non-physical life.  And what to do in between, while living the experience?  Just what we are doing now– learning, growing, falling, rising… laughing, crying, surrendering, retreating… making dinners, checking homework, paying bills, calling friends… holding hands, making love, creating new life, saying goodbye to old life… buying, selling, earning, losing… experiencing, evolving, questioning, serving, sharing, and wondering things like, “Why am I here?”

Every minute we exist we are defining our Purpose by whatever our actions are in that space of time.  In this moment my purpose is to write and share thought, in the next it will be to bring forth life in the garden, and after that it will be to send a FAX to the State of California.   Purpose and meaning are not fixed, they are fluid.  And we exist so as to exist- creating, expressing, experiencing our lives into whatever story we wish to tell.  Perhaps the better question to ask is, “What story do I want my life to tell?”

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