Passive Loving

Day 71


I am a loving person.

I express my love both directly and indirectly.

Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay.

All loving is good loving.

We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult to get along with or maybe they just feel emotionally unavailable to us.   Sometimes these are people we’re estranged from.  Whatever the circumstances, we find ourselves unable or unwilling to be actively loving (love expressed through direct action like affection, communication, intimacy or support).  Sometimes it is in our best interest to make that choice.  Such a lack of involvement does not mean we do not love or can not be loving in a different sense.  When we find ourselves unable to love another actively, we can love them passively.  We can spend time feeling our love for them without sharing it directly.  We can pray for or bless them with loving thoughts.  We can even engage in a loving – though imagined – dialog with them.  We can envision our love for them as a stream of white light energy leaving us and going to them.   Love felt for another person, even if indirectly and passively expressed, find its way to them.  They will receive the energy of that  love we feel, imagine, or send.  It will also help us fulfill our soul’s desire to be loving under circumstances that might otherwise challenge our ability to do so.

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