The Voice of Judgment

Day 72


I am open-minded.

I accept difference as a necessary and beautiful part of the human tapestry.

I embrace the divergent oneness of all life.

I learn by listening to those with differing views, ideas, beliefs and practices.

I am tolerant.

I am accepting.

I believe in fairness and equality.

I use judgment wisely.

In this world of duality we find that for every condition that exists, an opposite or opposing condition also exists.  Therefore if we have up, we must have down.  If we have good, we must have bad.  If we have light, we must have dark.  Plenty is the counter-part to lack, love to hate, greed to generosity.  Because of all this duality, we develop judgments.  Our minds assess and evaluate situations, people and things, and from those assessments we form conclusions.  Those conclusions are our judgments.

Some judgments are necessary.  A dark road at night can either be safe or dangerous, and our judging helps us make that determination.  Judgments help us make healthy choices, informed decisions and generate our opinions.  Discernment is a judgment tool of the wise, but far too often our judgments are unhelpful, involving bias and intolerance.

Human history is a long and winding story of how judgment against others has caused harm.  People of different cultures, practices and beliefs have been killed by the millions because they were judged to be evil, ignorant or less than.  Our inner judge also speaks to us about ourselves, often unfairly or harmfully.

In our homes, communities, institutions, governments, and our global interactions negative judgments create divisiveness, hostility, anger, conflict and pain.   Free of such judgments we find fairness, tolerance, unity, togetherness and compassion.  Even history shows us that there is value in non-judgment, after all no genocide was ever committed for the sake of sameness and acceptance. When we are without negative judgments we are close to our own divine spirits.  We have open-mindedness, we have room to learn new things, and we have a chance to see outside the box of duality and into the heart of unity.

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