Sleep On It

Day 75


I do not make hasty or snap decisions.

I understand and embrace the power of time.

I allow important decisions to marinate in my soul before finalizing them.

It is rarely in our best interest to make an important decision or answer a life changing question the moment it’s presented.  In that moment we may be too emotionally engaged or in an overly analytical state.  Our best decisions are made when our emotions, our minds and our inner being are in alignment, not when one part of us is dominating the decision-making process.  To insure that we make the best decision it’s helpful to let the situation sit quietly in our beings for a time, without ruminating.  Better still, we can take the matter to bed with us and sleep on it.  During the sleep state, higher consciousness is active and able to prepare the mind to make the right decision on waking.  When we give our important concerns over to higher consciousness while we sleep,  we usually wake with renewed clarity on the matter and very often we’ll find we wake up “just knowing” what to do or how to proceed.

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