The Gift of Children

Day 74


I am grateful for the gift of my children.

I respect my children as individuals, on loan to me for a short time, but their own beings.

From a non-physical perspective, children choose their parents before they are born.  They do not come into our lives to be reflections of us; they come into our lives to be better than our best, to learn and grow from and with us, and to resolve and rise above what we cannot.  It is our great challenge to encourage and promote them in that quest.  We may be expected to nurture and teach them, but they come into our lives to teach us, as well.  And most of all, they are not ‘ours’.  They are every bit their own souls, with their own personas, their own journeys to travel, their own lessons to learn from life,  and – as every parent knows – their own minds.   They are amazing, beautiful, magical  gifts we are given to hold for a while, and then we must let them fly with the wings we have shown them they have.

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