Supporting Inner Balance with Authentic Expressions

Day 77


My thoughts, my beliefs and my words are in agreement.

I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

I live with authenticity of expression.

Inner balance arises when thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in harmony with each other.  Expressing verbally (speaking or writing) is an action.  Therefore, part of inner balance is having thoughts, beliefs and words that are in accord.  If we think or believe one thing but say another, we’re not expressing authentically and are creating an imbalance within ourselves.  When the belief-word and thought-word relationships are congruent, we support our personal harmony.   If we’re uncomfortable speaking our thoughts or beliefs truthfully (or know it’s inappropriate to do so) we can choose to say nothing.  In the quest for inner balance, consciously choosing words that are an authentic reflection of our thoughts and beliefs is crucial.

3way balance


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