Never Give Up

Day 78


When I see boulders on life’s path I find a way around them.

Facts do not stop me from finding a path to my goal.

I let nothing stand in the way of me and my dreams, desires, and aspirations.

I am determined.

I am sure.

I am confident.

I will change direction but I do not give up.

From every CAN’T can be extracted CAN, but CAN does not have CAN’T within it.  Whether it is the fear of success, lack of self-worth, the ease of inaction, or the inability to see through some other darkness, nothing should stop us from living our lives to their fullest potential.  Sometimes an obstacle appears in our way in order to lead us to an even better path.  Sometimes it’s there so that we’ll pause to gather or increase our motivation and inner resources.  Sometimes an obstacle is the Universe’s way of asking us, “Just how bad do you really want this?”   Whatever the reason, we need not let anything stop us from realizing our goals and dreams.  We may be detoured, slowed, even halted for a moment, but if we are determined, we will let nothing tell us, “No.”

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