In a Perfect World…

Dear Readers and all of my amazing Subscribers,

I’ve been out of town – a retreat actually! – and had set up the site to auto-publish while I was away.  Well, somehow that didn’t happen and the articles seem to be missing as well.  Alas, in a perfect world these things wouldn’t happen but if we lived in a perfect world what would inspire me to write??  In the next few days I’ll have things back to normal and hopefully caught up, but till then I appreciate your understanding and certain compassion.

With *heart sighs*,


4 thoughts on “In a Perfect World…

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Well your thoughtful postings were missed. I can’t say that I read EVERY single day’s inspiration, but I do save them all in a file. The last few days I wondered??? where are those affirmations?? So.. too happy that you are safe and well and preparing to get up and posting again. I expect that you are newly charged with motivational thoughts from your retreat. Namaste, Pat

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