Going In Circles

Day 83


I recognize the patterns that repeat in my life.

I accept that I have stayed in these patterns because I need to grow beyond my need for them.

I release my fears and embrace my own worthiness, as I release myself from these old patterns.

I pay attention so that I do not fall back into habitual patterns.

I am grateful for all I have learned from the patterns in my life.

I accept nothing less than what is healthy and self-promoting in my life.

I strive for linear patterns of growth and expansion built on and supported by love and self-worth.

I deserve all good things in life.

We’ve all known times when it feels like we’re living life on a merry-go-round, forever going in circles, reliving the same experiences and situations, again and again and again and again.  If we can see these patterns in our lives, we’re fortunate, we’ve taken the first step toward change just by our awareness and acknowledgement of the circular pattern we’ve been living.  The next step is to get off the ride.

To begin, we need to determine what core experience it is that we keep repeating.  Is it consistently choosing the wrong partner or repeatedly accepting soul-draining employment ?  There might be a pattern of acquiring and losing, or one of sabotaging happiness.  With a lot of honesty – and maybe the input of some equally honest friends – the pattern can be revealed.

We keep repeating experiences because we’ve not yet learned something about ourselves that those experiences are trying to show us.   Most of the time what is needed to be understood is that we are worthy (of more, better, or what we keep destroying).  Very often it is self-worth and self-love that have not been fully realized.  Fear will also keep us on the circular path.  We may fear change, the unknown, the opinions of others, or fear our own success.   Once we understand what we’ve needed to learn from these repetitive situations, we can do the inner work and move on.  The old patterns, attractions, reactions, experiences and situations will no longer serve us.

A bit of caution – it can be easy to fall back into old patterns so we must be vigilant.  And it is almost always the case that we will find ourselves in the same sort of experience or situation at least one more time, even after we’ve outgrown its usefulness.  Why?  We might still be holding some residual energy that draws us to it or it can be a challenge we put before ourselves to see if we’ve really moved beyond our need for it.  If we find ourselves on the ride one more time we can immediately recognize it and jump off.  We won’t need it, will want better for ourselves, and won’t settle for the old patterns anymore.

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