Changing Minds

Day 85


I am willing to bend.

I am willing to learn.

I am willing to change my mind and my views as part of my continual evolution.

I grant others the freedom to change their minds and positions without judgment.

Time teaches by offering us new perspectives.  What appeared fair last year, may this year seem terribly unjust.   Religious, political, economic, social, and cultural opinions and views can and should be mutable.   Taking a changed point of view does not mean admitting to having once held an incorrect view.  In some instances that may be true, but in all cases it is an admittance of growth, of flexibility, and of a willingness to expand.  It takes an open mind to be willing to hear new stories, to accept new ideas, and to be willing to change itself.  It takes an equally open mind to allow others the same grace.  No one has the exact same views they had a decade or two ago.  Some of our beliefs, and many of our positions, have likely changed.  Being willing to change our views, even at the risk of appearing inconsistent, non-committal, or even flaky, is in our best interest.  ‘Tis better to bend like wheat in the wind, than sit like a stone in the field.

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