Negativity is a Biohazard

Day 90


I am stronger than the influence of any negativity.

I choose to expose myself to that which supports and mirrors my positive thoughts, actions and feelings.

I surround myself with optimistic, hopeful people.

I engage myself in uplifting activities.

I cherish myself, my balance and my happiness, and do what I can to promote those states within me.

Everyone has those days that challenge personal equilibrium. They’re the days when it seems like everyone around us is breathing dragon fire. The boss is yelling, the kids are screaming, the ne’er content friend is complaining again and we are standing in the middle of them all.  We try to remain detached, reminding ourselves that their problems are not ours.  We physically remove ourselves from the wellspring of discontent only to wind up the captive audience of a right vs. left, fear-mongering, news broadcast.  By the time the sun has disappeared, so has our ability to withstand the onslaught of negativity.  We’re agitated, nervous, cranky, and generally unhappy.  It isn’t always easy, but we can protect ourselves from the energies we don’t want to be influenced by.  To start with, we can be very selective about the people and situations we interact with.  We can make a habit of avoiding those operating from lower vibrational energies.  We can learn to end conversations when the focus turns to unproductive complaining, fault-finding, or worrying.  We might choose to watch or read only enough news as is needed to stay informed.  Beginning the day with a high vibration, well grounded in positive thoughts, feelings, and the heart, while periodically repositioning one’s self in that vibration throughout the day, is one of the best ways to avoid being brought down by the misery of others.  By putting our attention on that which is beautiful, sacred, loving, whole, abundant, and healthy, we center ourselves in our hearts and align ourselves with positive energy. Pausing at various moments during the day to feel love, gratitude, compassion, joy, freedom, security, or any of the other emotions that take us into the heart, has the same effect.  With just a little effort, we can avoid rolling around in the pollution of negativity, keep ourselves energetically clean, and develop habits that help reduce our exposure to emotional toxins.

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