Everything is a Choice

Day 91


I view everything as a choice.

I am grateful for my responsible choices and how they empower me.

I take personal responsibility for my choices.

“I have to….”  How many times do we hear ourselves saying those words during the course of a day?  “I have to get that paper written.”  “I have to call Chris.”  “I have to go make dinner.”  “I have to get the bills paid.”   Today is a good day to begin  eliminating the words “have to” from our vocabularies and realize that everything is a choice.  Everything.  We do not HAVE TO make dinner, we choose to.  We do not HAVE TO pay the bills,  we choose to.   Sometimes all those HAVE TO’s can make us feel like victims of our own lives, when in truth each HAVE TO is merely a choice we have said yes to.  We alone are responsible for our choices and how they make us feel.   And we choose as we do because of consequences.

We do not HAVE TO stop at red lights, we choose to because the consequences of not stopping (a ticket) are less desirable than the consequences of stopping (arriving late).  We choose to pay the bills because we prefer the consequences of paying them over the consequences of not paying them.  We may not enjoy fulfilling every choice but do so by our own choosing.  Realizing that everything is a choice, we might even see an opportunity to choose not to do something, instead of  feeling we HAVE TO.   Will the world end if we leave the dishes?  Whatever we do – or don’t do – we take full responsibility for that choice.  There is empowerment in choice and by recognizing that everything we do is the result of our own choosing, we reclaim our power.

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