Sacred Space

Day 93


I value my spiritual health.

I use my sacred space to promote my spiritual well-being.

I visit my sacred space daily.

I keep my sacred space pure in energy, light in spirit and for my use only.

Everyone needs a place to go that offers serenity, solitude and connection.  These are our sacred spaces.  They can contain anything that helps us to feel connected to our hearts, spirits and or Source – candles, plants, fountains, pillows, chimes, sand, statues or anything else we choose.   One woman keeps Play-Doh in her sacred space because the smell helps her connect to her inner child and working it soothes her.  Our sacred spaces can be small corners in rooms or entire gardens.  Part of keeping our special spaces sacred is creating them for our use only (unless we invite a guest in) and using them only for the purpose of bringing ourselves peace and spiritual well-being.  We might use our sacred spaces for quick spiritual tune-ups like short meditations, or lengthy deep inner reflection.  They might be areas kept minimalistic or alters filled with our many sacred belongings.  Whatever we do there – write, read, reflect, pray, cry, chant, or squish Play-Doh, our time in our sacred space should leave us feeling better than we did before we entered it.


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