It’s None of My Business

Day 94


The business of others is none of mine.

I only know what is best for me.

I allow others their own journey and experiences without my interference.

I practice compassion and tolerance.

It can be hard in a world that promotes voyeurism – think reality shows and YouTube – to remember that how others live is, for the most part, none of our business.  It’s easy to get drawn into the drama and to take part in passing judgment, but wisdom teaches us that each person has their own journey, their own karma, their own soul contracts, and their own spiritual lessons we know nothing about.   If someone makes a life choice we don’t understand or condone, we are being given an opportunity to practice tolerance.  If we find someone’s behavior unusual or shocking, Instead of judging, condemning, or maligning we can hold them in the energy of respect or compassion. Only when someone invites us into their life and asks for our opinion do we need to be a part of their business.  Of course this doesn’t mean turning a blind eye in dangerous situations, or when behaviors negatively impact our lives, but when it comes to ordinary circumstances, our interest is best left to the well-being of our own lives.  What others think is none of our business.   What others do is none of our business.   And if a situation doesn’t involve us, it doesn’t involve us.  

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