Falling In Love

Day 100


I am falling in love with myself.

I love my shared self and I love my secret self.

I love my light and I love my shadow.

I love my perfect imperfections.

Let’s fall madly in love… deeply, profoundly, in love… with ourselves.  Let’s be charmed by the adorable way we walk and the curve of our hips.  We’ll be drawn in by our knowing eyes and infectious smile. We will be captivated by our wit and insatiable curiosity.  Let’s admire our integrity, courage, and ability to love, even if it’s just hurt.  We will even love all the parts, pieces, and attributes we find fault with.   Maybe we’ll buy ourselves a rose, have it wrapped, and write the card, “I love you.”   Let’s see ourselves as creations of beauty, filled with so many wonderful qualities that we simply can not help but to fall in love… with ourselves.

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