In Harmony

Day 102


My beliefs are in harmony with the reality I know to be true.

What I know to be true for the rest of the world, is what I believe to be true for me.

I live with one set of beliefs, and one set of truths, and they are in agreement.

Harmony is a state that exists when there is congruity of parts with one another and the whole.   Discord is the condition that exists when there is a lack of agreement between two parts.   Harmony, of course, is our ideal state and when we’re talking about living our best lives, there are many parts that contribute to the whole.   Today, consider these two:  what we know to be true and what we believe.   When what we know to be true and what we believe are in agreement there is harmony; if they don’t agree there is discord.   It may seem illogical that these two could be in disagreement, but they not only can be, they often are and more often we don’t even realize it.

Examples of such discord are:   You know it to be true that sometimes divorce is necessary; divorce is not an option for you.   You know it to be true that not all people who achieve success have had to work hard for it;  you believe hard work is the path to success.  You know it to be true that we all carry the spark of God;  you believe that you are separate from God.  You know it to be true that all people have the potential to live a life of abundance; you believe it is your lot to live a meager life.

To begin switching from discord to harmony we need to ask ourselves what beliefs we have for ourselves that aren’t matching up with the truths we know and if we hold any truths for the world that we don’t believe true for ourselves.  Don’t be surprised, most of us do.  Once we’re aware we can choose to shift our thinking and live in greater harmony within our one reality.

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