Rearranging the Furniture

Day 104


I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings about my personal environment.

I embrace my feelings about my outer space is an indicator of the deeper needs within my internal space.

Our outer worlds are reflections of our inner worlds. If we pay attention to how we feel about the space we’re living in we can get a good idea of what our souls are craving. Have you ever had an out-of-nowhere, sudden desire to change the color of your walls, move the furniture, or redecorate from scratch?  It’s likely that the desire for external change was a response to a deeper desire for change from within.  In the same way, if you’ve ever walked into your home or work space and suddenly been unable to stand the clutter, there’s a good chance that your soul and spirit were calling for order and simplicity in your life as a whole. A sudden need for color or plants and flowers in the home may be a deeper need to feel awakened, alive and vibrant.  An urge to clean every corner could be a deeper need to do some inner housekeeping.  A desire to throw away all excess might be an internal need to be free of chaos, turmoil and drama. Consider urges to change your outer world as glimpses into your inner world and its fundamental needs.

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