Simplifying Our Environments

Day 105


I live simply.

I live with what I need, love, and has meaning for me.

I keep my personal space free of excess and clutter.

Simplicity in my outer world supports simplicity in my inner world.

Simplicity.  The word itself invokes tranquility, harmony, and ease.  The dictionary defines simplicity as a quality of being uncomplicated, lacking pretense or excessive ornamentation, and freedom from difficulty or effort.  Sounds like heaven.  Perhaps that’s because simplicity is harmonious with the Sacred and Dharma.  Simplifying the outer world and personal space is about creating an external environment that contains what is meaningful to us and has a purpose for us while letting go of what does not, thereby enhancing our alignment with our authentic natures.  Simplifying one’s outer world doesn’t mean taking a vow of poverty or discarding all worldly possessions, not by a long shot. It does mean not being defined by one’s things, not finding self-worth in belongings, not having an attachment to possessions, and not having for the sake of having.  Simplicity in our environments also frees us of unnecessary distractions, tension and clutter while additionally freeing up our time and money, producing calm, and increasing productivity.

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