The Simple Moments

Day 110


I savor the ordinary moments of my life.

I am present in the simple experiences of life.

I appreciate the seemingly unremarkable moments of my life.

Births, deaths, marriages, moves, job changes, losses, successes, firsts and lasts…. these are usually how we remember and mark our lives, yet we have far more simple everyday moments than major life experiences.  In fact, most of life is lived in simple moments.  It is in the small moments that we experience a child’s spontaneous hug, a stranger’s unexpected kindness and a puppy’s wet kiss.  It is in the small moments that we observe a rainbow, a shooting star and a hummingbird darting by.  It is in the small moments that we steal a glance at our beloved to find them doing the same and observe our precious babies sleeping.   Moments, like events, need to be savored, cherished and recorded in our mind’s archives.  We need to pause during those ordinary moments to appreciate what life is offering us.  We need to slow down so that we can fully experience them.   And always, we need to remember that it is the moments themselves that are the lines that connect us to the events that dot our lives.

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