Day 111


I seek balance in my life.

I temper do-ing with be-ing.

I face my challenges head on.

I seek resolutions in relationship matters.

Being busy is a sometimes necessary part of living.  The art of busy-ness is an avoidance technique.  By keeping ourselves buried in work, errands, to-do lists, meetings, chores, and appointments, we conveniently avoid dealing with something in our lives that needs facing.  When couples in relationship begin having troubles, it’s sadly common for one or both to immerse themselves in busy-ness in order to avoid dealing with their problems.  Over time, those same two who once shared a balanced life will find themselves continually busied in their now very separate lives.  Individuals who are frightened by an inner need for change or don’t want to face a painful issue, will often throw themselves into busy-ness.  When we find ourselves always on the go, with never enough time, without social interaction or relationship connection, or with too much on our plates, it’s probably a good idea to stop and ask ourselves if we’re just very busy or using busy-ness as a way of avoiding something that should have our attention.

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