Creativity as a Divine Expression

Day 135


I embrace creativity as a divine expression.

I make time to engage my creative spirit.

I surrender to my creative potential, allowing creation to flow freely through me.

When I create, I am partnering with the divine energy of creation.

Creativity has many faces, some are more obvious, like art and music, while others are less so.  Activities like cooking, writing, building, designing, engineering, gardening, event planning and landscaping all engage creativity.   Even problem solving is a creative process.  We are all born creators and to create is to engage the creator spark within.  Making time to allow our creative nature to express is allowing ourselves time to be in harmony with the divine energy of creation .   When we are really comfortable in our creative moment, we can surrender our own thoughts and will, and allow the energy of creation to flow unimpeded.  In such states the unexpected comes forth from our spirits, with inspired and surprising results.

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