Choosing Well-Being

Day 137 Affirmation: I only make choices that are beneficial to my life and support my well-being. I only make choices that support my growth into a  more empowered and more authentic, loving human. It is easy to get into the habit of making choices that do not serve one’s life or self.   That may be the … More Choosing Well-Being

Connecting to Nature

Day 134 Affirmation: I value nature. I spend time engaging with the natural world. I am part of the natural world, connected to all that exists within it. Whether it’s in the backyard tending to a garden or flower bed, or on a hike in the mountains, taking the time to be immersed in natural surroundings connects us … More Connecting to Nature

Having It All

Day 128 Affirmation: I am grateful for limitless possibilities. I am grateful for opportunities to have all that is positive in my life. I am blessed with a beautifully abundant and balanced life. I have wealth and I am grateful. I have a fulfilling purpose and I am grateful. I have inner peace and I … More Having It All

We Are Not Superheroes

Day 126 Affirmation: I cannot save the world. I cannot save anyone. I can love.  I can support.  I can empower.  But it is not my responsibility to save. Caring and compassionate persons are often plagued with feelings of guilt, self-blame and self-loathing because they cannot save others from their pain or their own demise.   We … More We Are Not Superheroes

Celebrate Existence

Day 125 Affirmation: I celebrate life. I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life. I celebrate the big reveals in the small details. I celebrate living. Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It … More Celebrate Existence

Soft vs Hard Power

Day 122 Affirmation: I move through the world with fluidity and flow. I use my power to softly carve a path through my experiences. I recognize the value of soft power. Some of the greatest and most powerful forces of nature achieve their potential purposefully but are themselves soft forces.  Water, fire and air are each soft, … More Soft vs Hard Power

365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness —————————–

Changing Direction

Day 117 Affirmation: My spiritual path is my own and of my own choosing. Wherever I am is where I am meant to be. I am open to changing directions if it will bring me closer to my authentic nature. The journey of inner spiritual growth is a distinctly personal one.  There is no one … More Changing Direction

I Am Perfectly Me

Day 113 Affirmation: I make mistakes, but I am perfect. I disappoint others, but I am perfect. I have much to learn, but I am perfect. I fall short of my own expectations, but I am perfect. Part of authentic living is accepting that perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean being talented, successful, … More I Am Perfectly Me

The Fearless Heart

Day 112 Affirmation: I am courageous. I have a fearless heart. I am courageous in love; I have a fearless heart. I am courageous in life; I have a fearless heart. I am courageous and I have a fearless heart. Fear is an important part of the animal within us.  Fear is the necessary primal alert to … More The Fearless Heart


Day 111 Affirmation: I seek balance in my life. I temper do-ing with be-ing. I face my challenges head on. I seek resolutions in relationship matters. Being busy is a sometimes necessary part of living.  The art of busy-ness is an avoidance technique.  By keeping ourselves buried in work, errands, to-do lists, meetings, chores, and appointments, … More Busy-ness

Look Who’s Talking

Day 109 Affirmation: I act and speak from my loving heart. I offer love. I represent love. I am loving in my thoughts toward others. Along the path toward living consciously many become concerned with the ego and its influences.  We’re often guided to ask ourselves “Am I acting from my ego?”  It is a valid … More Look Who’s Talking

Sending Love

Day 108 Affirmation: I pray for those who suffer. I offer positive thoughts of healing, courage, recovery, and strength to those in need. I send the energy of love where it is needed. It’s easy to watch the happenings of this world and feel pain for those in pain and to suffer along with those who suffer.   … More Sending Love

Not Worth the Energy

Day 107 Affirmation: I value my emotional energy. I use my emotional energy wisely. I keep my attention on what is deserving of my concern. It’s easy to make mountains out of molehills or get excited about something undeserving of any concern.  Little things can become big things very quickly if we let them.  It can … More Not Worth the Energy