Why Am I Here?

Day 65 Affirmation: I am living my Purpose daily. I exist because I exist. My life’s meaning is my life. A search for the meaning and purpose of one’s own life can never be found; it can only be lived. That is because there is nothing to find, it is already right here, right now.  The answer to, … More Why Am I Here?

Limiting Beliefs

Day 59 Affirmation: I appreciate what I have and I want more of it. I appreciate what I have and I expect more of it. Abundance and plenty live in harmony with my grace, humility and spirituality. I’m not advocating self-indulgence, greed or imbalanced materialism; I’m advocating the innate right of every person to want more of what makes their life … More Limiting Beliefs

The Importance of Community

Day 56 Affirmation:  I value community. I make the effort to engage myself in communities with which I have shared interests. I am grateful for the community of friends/colleagues/like-minded others to which I belong. I find support and understanding within my communities. I have something of value to offer others within my communities. To belong to a community is an … More The Importance of Community

Living Your Legacy

Day 55 Affirmation: I consciously create the legacy I wish to leave. I act in harmony with how I wish to one day be remembered. How we remember someone when they leave this world is largely the result of how they lived.   We are remembered  for our words and our  deeds.   It is not the selfish, intolerant and … More Living Your Legacy

The Influence of a Good Teacher

Day 47 Affirmation: I see the best in myself and others. I offer encouraging, uplifting, and supportive comments to myself and others. I promote others and myself with compliments and positive reinforcement. I am a teacher to myself and others, and will be remembered as one who made a positive difference. Criticism divides and disempowers; compliments promote … More The Influence of a Good Teacher

Sacred Journeys

Day 23 Affirmation: Every step I take is part of my sacred journey, without exception. I honour my living as a sacred excursion. Whether dancing dutifully with the ordinary or mindfully engaged in the esoteric, every single step that you take is part of your sacred journey.   Our physical lives are the journey of a soul collecting experience … More Sacred Journeys

Using Life Well

Day 256 Affirmation:  May I have the opportunity today to help someone in need of my love and support. I shall not waste this life in useless pursuits but use it well to bring benefit and happiness to the world. _______________________ Today’s affirmation was written by the late Most Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha … More Using Life Well

Living Life Alive

Day 188 Affirmation: I am the author of my life. My dreams are all possible. I claim my right to be happy. I listen to the wisdom of others but decide for myself. I have an amazing inner strength that has gotten me this far. I am empowered. I am not threatened by the fears … More Living Life Alive

Love Matters

Day 176 Affirmation: I place the bulk of my attention, concern, interest and thought on those things that are true-ly important. I refuse to be unnecessarily concerned about things that really are not important in the larger sense. Today I will pay attention to just how much of my attention is placed on superficial, unimportant, irrelevant concerns and … More Love Matters

In Alignment With The Divine

Day 168 Affirmation: I think like God thinks and I love as God loves. I see the world through the eyes of  The Divine, and love the world with a Divine Heart. I strive to live in alignment with my Source.                      ____________________ One of the desirable effects of spiritual practice is alignment with The Divine.  How do you know … More In Alignment With The Divine

In the Loop

Day 165 Affirmation: I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. I do not attach my self to giving. I do not attach my self to receiving. I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. So simple. No self.                                     __________________ It is the little self … More In the Loop

No Hidden Agenda

Day 164 Affirmation: My actions are in harmony with my intentions and motivations. I have no hidden agenda; I live with honesty and integrity. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. My words and actions are authentic.                                       ______________________ Living a spiritually attuned life requires authenticity, the sort of authenticity expressed as … More No Hidden Agenda

Never Again

Day 161 Affirmation: Never again will I be this *me* that I am in this life. Never again will I have this mind, this life experience, and these opportunities to become all that I can be. I may live a thousand lifetimes, but the *me* I am in this lifetime gets but one chance and … More Never Again