Day 116


Everyone I meet is my teacher.

We have something to learn from every person around us, friend and stranger alike.  Sometimes the lesson is obvious, sometimes we have to look for it, but one is always there.   A rude person can teach us courtesy; a slow person, patience.  An abusive person can teach us self-love.  A generous person may teach us charity; a compassionate person, tolerance.  A loved one can teach us impermanence.  An enemy can teach us to forgive.  The Universe is a benevolent creation, always conspiring to help us learn, grow, expand and become truer to our authentic natures.  Placing teachers in our paths insures opportunities to achieve that potential.


Day 115


I am good enough.

I am smart enough.

I am attractive enough.

I am strong enough.

I am capable enough.

I am lovable enough.

I am worthy enough.

I am EVERYTHING enough!

With conscious awareness, we can catch ourselves having self-critical thoughts.  Sometimes the words are so deep within our minds they come through like a bully’s taunting whisper, other times they’re intimidatingly loud and clear, and sometimes they’re vocalized aloud.  We need to pay attention to these I’m-not-good-enough thoughts.  From the rather mild, “I can’t believe he really loves me,” and “That’s just too good to be true,” to the outright self-abusive thoughts like, “What an idiot I am,” and “Why am I always so stupid?” these words keep us small and wounded.  We learned how to communicate with ourselves from those outside of us – usually parental figures and other caregivers – but as adults we are now parents to ourselves.  We are now the sources of our own loving acceptance.  Conscious self-parenting means we can love and nurture ourselves even and especially when we make mistakes, cause accidents, don’t know something, are wrong or act in any other humbly human way.  Conscious self-parenting means we speak to ourselves with the same loving and compassionate and patient speech we would use when parenting anyone. When we recognize that the inner critic / inner parent is reprimanding and belittling us we can counter each critique with a resounding, “I AM ENOUGH!” because we are.  We are good enough.  We are smart enough.  We are attractive enough.  We are strong enough.  We are capable enough.  We are lovable enough.  We are worthy enough.  We are EVERYTHING enough.

Day 114


I bless this day.

I bless myself and my life.

I bless those I know and their lives.

I bless those I have never met and their lives.

I bless those who suffer and are in pain.

I bless the planet and all upon her.

Anyone can offer blessings.  To bless someone is to consecrate and invoke divine care for them.  Think of it as wrapping them in a warm, safe, spiritual blanket.  The gift of blessing is one of the simplest gifts we can offer another or ourselves.  When we sincerely bless we offer healing, loving energy that is in alignment with the Divine.  Today is a good day to create a habit of blessing those we come in contact with, think of, and observe.  When we see children waiting for the bus we can bless them with joy and learning.  When we pass construction workers in the median we can bless them with safety.  When  our thoughts turn to someone in pain we can bless them with healing.  The energy of blessing is beneficial not just for humans but for the planet and all living things.  When we sincerely bless ourselves we create an energetic shift that opens our hearts and allows healing, well-being, and self-love.   In fact we cannot bless others with sincere positive loving thoughts without uplifting ourselves.

Louis Weldon Hawkins – A Prayer to God

Day 113


I make mistakes, but I am perfect.

I disappoint others, but I am perfect.

I have much to learn, but I am perfect.

I fall short of my own expectations, but I am perfect.

Part of authentic living is accepting that perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean being talented, successful, or good at everything we do. Perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean being strong and victorious in every effort. Perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean never being wrong, without knowledge, or mistaken. Perfection can only exist within an individual if we define it as – how well we live ourselves.  Perfection is being ourselves honestly and with integrity.  Of course to be perfect at being ourselves we must accept that we are.

Day 112


I am courageous.

I have a fearless heart.

I am courageous in love; I have a fearless heart.

I am courageous in life; I have a fearless heart.

I am courageous and I have a fearless heart.

Fear is an important part of the animal within us.  Fear is the necessary primal alert to a possible threat.  Without fear, early man would have likely never survived as a species.  We still need fear to alert us to threats, but instead of relying on fear to protect us solely from physical danger, we have adapted this response to every situation in our lives that might feel threatening, and in the modern world most of our threats are emotional.  We fear losing our selves to another, we fear losing our independence, we fear being controlled, we fear being hurt, we fear being abandoned, we fear being betrayed, we fear being happy, we fear change.  Many amazing and beautiful relationships have been missed out on or come to a sorry end because of fear.  By embracing our emotional fears and understanding how they attempt to protect us – with tactics like avoidance, defensiveness, detachment and aggression – we can begin to relinquish or move beyond them.  In fear our hearts never know the fullness of love and that is the great irony because our greatest fear is of being unloved but it is the fear itself that makes it so.  It takes daring and courage but only when our hearts are fearless are we truly open to loving and being loved.


Day 111


I seek balance in my life.

I temper do-ing with be-ing.

I face my challenges head on.

I seek resolutions in relationship matters.

Being busy is a sometimes necessary part of living.  The art of busy-ness is an avoidance technique.  By keeping ourselves buried in work, errands, to-do lists, meetings, chores, and appointments, we conveniently avoid dealing with something in our lives that needs facing.  When couples in relationship begin having troubles, it’s sadly common for one or both to immerse themselves in busy-ness in order to avoid dealing with their problems.  Over time, those same two who once shared a balanced life will find themselves continually busied in their now very separate lives.  Individuals who are frightened by an inner need for change or don’t want to face a painful issue, will often throw themselves into busy-ness.  When we find ourselves always on the go, with never enough time, without social interaction or relationship connection, or with too much on our plates, it’s probably a good idea to stop and ask ourselves if we’re just very busy or using busy-ness as a way of avoiding something that should have our attention.

Day 110


I savor the ordinary moments of my life.

I am present in the simple experiences of life.

I appreciate the seemingly unremarkable moments of my life.

Births, deaths, marriages, moves, job changes, losses, successes, firsts and lasts…. these are usually how we remember and mark our lives, yet we have far more simple everyday moments than major life experiences.  In fact, most of life is lived in simple moments.  It is in the small moments that we experience a child’s spontaneous hug, a stranger’s unexpected kindness and a puppy’s wet kiss.  It is in the small moments that we observe a rainbow, a shooting star and a hummingbird darting by.  It is in the small moments that we steal a glance at our beloved to find them doing the same and observe our precious babies sleeping.   Moments, like events, need to be savored, cherished and recorded in our mind’s archives.  We need to pause during those ordinary moments to appreciate what life is offering us.  We need to slow down so that we can fully experience them.   And always, we need to remember that it is the moments themselves that are the lines that connect us to the events that dot our lives.

Day 109


I act and speak from my loving heart.

I offer love.

I represent love.

I am loving in my thoughts toward others.

Along the path toward living consciously many become concerned with the ego and its influences.  We’re often guided to ask ourselves “Am I acting from my ego?”  It is a valid consideration but with so many different ideas of what ego actually is, how can anyone really know?  And even if we agree on the function of ego, repeatedly placing our focus on the Little Protector will keep us coming at ourselves from an unproductive place of criticism and judgment. It can be frustrating and deflating.  But it doesn’t have to be and it shouldn’t be.

Instead of asking “Am I responding from my ego?” or “Is this my ego talking?” we can ask ourselves, “Am I acting from love?” or “Is this my loving heart talking?”  We all know what is loving and what isn’t.  We all know if we’re reacting to something from love or not.  So let’s make it simple, let’s just shift the focus a bit, let’s make it about love.

Sending Love

Day 108


I pray for those who suffer.

I offer positive thoughts of healing, courage, recovery, and strength to those in need.

I send the energy of love where it is needed.

It’s easy to watch the happenings of this world and feel pain for those in pain and to suffer along with those who suffer.   Empathy is a powerful connection.   A better connection is compassion.   Feeling miserable on behalf of others does nothing to improve their situation and can even add unhelpful energy where the opposite is needed.   As we watch the events of the world we can strive to keep our thoughts and emotions positive, uplifting, and beneficial.  We can send loving, healing, and productive, positive loving energy to those in need.  Doing so helps them while allowing us to remain in a healthy place too.

Day 107


I value my emotional energy.

I use my emotional energy wisely.

I keep my attention on what is deserving of my concern.

It’s easy to make mountains out of molehills or get excited about something undeserving of any concern.  Little things can become big things very quickly if we let them.  It can be very healthy and balanced to consider a few points before becoming worked up over something.  Asking ourselves, “Does this have a lasting and negative affect on my life or another’s?” and “Does this hurt me or another?”  can put things back into proper perspective quickly.   Long lines, unwashed dishes, and dented fenders rarely change anyone’s life or cause pain.  If the matter doesn’t seriously impact anyone’s life, and causes no one harm, then there is a pretty good chance it’s not worth any expended energy.


Day 106


I am still.

I am present.

I am free of internal clutter.

I am still.

I am present.

I am free of internal congestion.

I am still.

I am present.

I am free.

As important as having simplicity in our personal spaces can be, transformative even, having it within ourselves is crucial. Simplifying one’s inner world is about finding stillness in the mind by eliminating the mental clutter, the extraneous thoughts that fill our waking lives with incessant chatter.  Meditation and yoga are helpful, losing oneself in a meditative act like painting or listening to music can also help quiet the mind.  Simplifying the inner world means pausing to be physically and mentally present in the moment.  It means physically leaving one location (like work) and taking our whole self (thoughts included) with us, not being mentally other than where our body is.  It means not living in yesterday nor worrying about tomorrow.  It means refusing to engage in the drama of others’ lives or allowing it to be part of ours. That may mean not tuning in to the news every day. It might mean choosing to watch television shows that promote well-being and inner peace instead of those that promote tension and discord. Simplifying the inner world means letting go of emotions and beliefs that don’t serve one’s life and well-being.  It means opening the closet of the heart and getting rid of what no longer fits, what never belonged to us in the first place, and what was given to us that we don’t want.  Simplifying internally means getting back to the basics of who we are and what we’re about.  It’s about finding that place within where love and hope and faith and happiness and peace have permanent residence.  It means embracing our feelings without judging ourselves for having them.  It means letting joy be joy and sorrow be sorrow.  Simplifying the inner world is about creating a quieter mind, an engaged sense of being, and a peaceful heart.

Day 105


I live simply.

I live with what I need, love, and has meaning for me.

I keep my personal space free of excess and clutter.

Simplicity in my outer world supports simplicity in my inner world.

Simplicity.  The word itself invokes tranquility, harmony, and ease.  The dictionary defines simplicity as a quality of being uncomplicated, lacking pretense or excessive ornamentation, and freedom from difficulty or effort.  Sounds like heaven.  Perhaps that’s because simplicity is harmonious with the Sacred and Dharma.  Simplifying the outer world and personal space is about creating an external environment that contains what is meaningful to us and has a purpose for us while letting go of what does not, thereby enhancing our alignment with our authentic natures.  Simplifying one’s outer world doesn’t mean taking a vow of poverty or discarding all worldly possessions, not by a long shot. It does mean not being defined by one’s things, not finding self-worth in belongings, not having an attachment to possessions, and not having for the sake of having.  Simplicity in our environments also frees us of unnecessary distractions, tension and clutter while additionally freeing up our time and money, producing calm, and increasing productivity.

Day 104


I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings about my personal environment.

I embrace my feelings about my outer space is an indicator of the deeper needs within my internal space.

Our outer worlds are reflections of our inner worlds. If we pay attention to how we feel about the space we’re living in we can get a good idea of what our souls are craving. Have you ever had an out-of-nowhere, sudden desire to change the color of your walls, move the furniture, or redecorate from scratch?  It’s likely that the desire for external change was a response to a deeper desire for change from within.  In the same way, if you’ve ever walked into your home or work space and suddenly been unable to stand the clutter, there’s a good chance that your soul and spirit were calling for order and simplicity in your life as a whole. A sudden need for color or plants and flowers in the home may be a deeper need to feel awakened, alive and vibrant.  An urge to clean every corner could be a deeper need to do some inner housekeeping.  A desire to throw away all excess might be an internal need to be free of chaos, turmoil and drama. Consider urges to change your outer world as glimpses into your inner world and its fundamental needs.

Day 103


I appreciate my true friend as a beautiful gift in my life.

I am grateful to know there is one person in the world I can count on.

I never take this friendship for granted.

It is not the number of people we know that counts, but who we can count on.  Anyone who can say that they have but ONE true friend has a precious gift.  Ah but the world likes us to think that more is better, even in friendships.  Emails and social media reinforce the idea that we need to have A LOT of friends or…  Or what?   It only takes one friend to save a life.  It only takes one friend to help another back to their feet.  It only takes one friend to get a laugh, catch a tear, or lend an ear…or a shoulder…or a hand.   One.  Let’s be grateful today for our true friends, whatever their number.

In Harmony

Day 102


My beliefs are in harmony with the reality I know to be true.

What I know to be true for the rest of the world, is what I believe to be true for me.

I live with one set of beliefs, and one set of truths, and they are in agreement.

Harmony is a state that exists when there is congruity of parts with one another and the whole.   Discord is the condition that exists when there is a lack of agreement between two parts.   Harmony, of course, is our ideal state and when we’re talking about living our best lives, there are many parts that contribute to the whole.   Today, consider these two:  what we know to be true and what we believe.   When what we know to be true and what we believe are in agreement there is harmony; if they don’t agree there is discord.   It may seem illogical that these two could be in disagreement, but they not only can be, they often are and more often we don’t even realize it.

Examples of such discord are:   You know it to be true that sometimes divorce is necessary; divorce is not an option for you.   You know it to be true that not all people who achieve success have had to work hard for it;  you believe hard work is the path to success.  You know it to be true that we all carry the spark of God;  you believe that you are separate from God.  You know it to be true that all people have the potential to live a life of abundance; you believe it is your lot to live a meager life.

To begin switching from discord to harmony we need to ask ourselves what beliefs we have for ourselves that aren’t matching up with the truths we know and if we hold any truths for the world that we don’t believe true for ourselves.  Don’t be surprised, most of us do.  Once we’re aware we can choose to shift our thinking and live in greater harmony within our one reality.

Day 101


I believe in miracles.

I believe anything and everything is possible.

Albert Einstein famously said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”   The latter places life on a much more vibrant and impressive palette.   What constitutes a miracle is up to the witness and the key is belief.  We can not see what we do not believe in.  Being open to the belief that the miraculous is all around us allows our hearts to recognize and see miracles everywhere.  An unfettered belief in miracles opens doors to every imaginable possibility, inspires awe and gratitude, and adds magic and mystery to a sometimes all too mundane world.

EXTRAORDINARY   read her story: 


Falling In Love

Day 100


I am falling in love with myself.

I love my shared self and I love my secret self.

I love my light and I love my shadow.

I love my perfect imperfections.

Let’s fall madly in love… deeply, profoundly, in love… with ourselves.  Let’s be charmed by the adorable way we walk and the curve of our hips.  We’ll be drawn in by our knowing eyes and infectious smile. We will be captivated by our wit and insatiable curiosity.  Let’s admire our integrity, courage, and ability to love, even if it’s just hurt.  We will even love all the parts, pieces, and attributes we find fault with.   Maybe we’ll buy ourselves a rose, have it wrapped, and write the card, “I love you.”   Let’s see ourselves as creations of beauty, filled with so many wonderful qualities that we simply can not help but to fall in love… with ourselves.

Day 99


I am entitled to have time to myself.

When I need time alone, I respect myself enough to seek it.

When others need time to themselves, I am not threatened.

I respect the needs of others to have time alone.

There are times when everyone needs solitude.  To be alone with one’s own thoughts, own choices, own experiences and even one’s own messes, is a healthy thing.  Without the influence or interruptions from others we can dig deep and reconnect with our selves, problem solve with our inner wisdom, and listen to the quiet beating of our own hearts.  It’s healthy for the self and it’s healthy for relationships.  Taking time to be alone can foster deep appreciation for the time together.  Missing someone can be a very good and perspective-shifting experience.   Spending time with ourselves can be as simple as taking a walk or afternoon at the lake.   Whether it is for one day or a whole week, time apart from others can be beneficial for everyone.

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Dreaming BIG

Day 98


My dreams are as big and as infinite as my imagination.

I believe in my dreams and their fulfillment.

I let no one and no thing hinder my dream potential.

Why do we settle for dreaming small when dreaming big is just as possible?  Because we tend to minimize our own potential, we often minimize our dreams, hopes and ambitions.  There is no limit to human potential, only that which we ourselves place on it.  Men soar in the sky like birds because someone dared to dream that big dream.  Humans have navigated beyond the scope of our planet because someone dreamed that big dream.  Organs can be replaced, regenerated and even grown all because first someone dreamed those big dreams.  Every thought we have creates something so why not go for something grand? Don’t settle for dreaming small.  Dream BIG and bold and all the way and let no one tell you that you can’t.

Day 97


There is no limit to the amount of love that I give to myself.

There is no limit to the amount of love that I am willing to receive.

I give myself compliments, kindness and consideration without limits.

I accept compliments, kindness and consideration without limits.

I give myself only positive and healthy emotional, verbal and physical treatment.

I accept only positive and healthy emotional, verbal and physical treatment from others.

No one can or will receive more than they are willing to give to themselves.   This is true whether we are talking about a positive offering or a negative one.   I call the point we will not receive beyond our allowing point.  We will accept  in measures equal to or less than what we give ourselves, but once what is offered exceeds our allowing point, we will stop accepting.  One can not accept more love from another than they give to themselves.  If the amount of love one is being offered exceeds their allowing point, they will become frightened or overwhelmed and probably sabotage the relationship.   In the same way, no one will accept more pain or abuse from another than they give to themselves.  If the amount of abuse being offered exceeds the allowing point, then one will usually walk away, but rarely before.  By paying attention and asking ourselves a few simple questions we can gain some insight into where our allowing points are set…

Do I accept compliments well?  Am I comfortable receiving gifts?  Am I only attracted to bad boy or girl types?  How much abuse or lack of consideration do I allow from others before saying enough is enough? Do I mistreat or abuse myself verbally, emotionally or physically?

By looking at how we receive or reject what others offer us, we gain insight into our own ability to both love and loathe ourselves.   Imagine what a world it would be if everyone had an allowing point for positive set at infinity, and for negative, set to zero!   We can dream…We can try!

Day 96


I resolve to laugh.

I choose to engage in activities that make me laugh.

I will laugh more than I cry.

I see the lighter side of life.

There are times when laughter really is the best medicine.  It releases feel-good hormones, raises vibrations and can create an opening where a change in perspective to take place.   Taking things too seriously for too long can lead to all kinds of problems, both physically and emotionally.   And the truth is, people who take life too seriously aren’t a lot of fun to be around.  Every aspect of life needs balance and seriousness needs to be tempered with levity.   A great way to lift spirits or lighten a mood is to watch a funny movie or online video, read jokes, go to a comedy club, or watch a comedian on television.   To keep balance in our lives,  we can resolve to see the lighter side, and to engage in activities that produce laughter.


Day 95


I am able to say, “I’m sorry.”

I leave my ego behind and admit when I am wrong.

I embrace humility.

It’s never easy to eat humble pie but there is spiritual integrity in its flavor.  Only the ego needs to always be right.  Only the ego can’t say “I was wrong.”   From the heart we can be honest and easily say, “I was wrong and I am sorry.”   From the heart we know that we are not less for our mistakes but more for owning them.

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