365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness —————————–

Distance Can Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Day 99 Affirmation: I am entitled to have time to myself. When I need time alone, I respect myself enough to seek it. When others need time to themselves, I am not threatened. I respect the needs of others to have time alone. There are times when everyone needs solitude.  To be alone with one’s … More Distance Can Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Limiting Beliefs

Day 59 Affirmation: I appreciate what I have and I want more of it. I appreciate what I have and I expect more of it. Abundance and plenty live in harmony with my grace, humility and spirituality. I’m not advocating self-indulgence, greed or imbalanced materialism; I’m advocating the innate right of every person to want more of what makes their life … More Limiting Beliefs

Being Grateful

Day 20 Affirmation: I am grateful for every blessing in my life, big or small. I am grateful for every blessing disguised as a challenge. I express my gratitude often, both silently and aloud. I make feeling grateful a habit.   Running water and a running car, friends and family, clothes and comfort; a desk, a computer, … More Being Grateful

In Honour of Fathers

Day 170 Affirmation: I am grateful for my father, and the father figures I have had in my life. On this day of celebrating fathers, I share my appreciation with those men I know who are shining examples of what it means to be a father.                      _______________________ A father is a special sort of man who wants … More In Honour of Fathers

In the Loop

Day 165 Affirmation: I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. I do not attach my self to giving. I do not attach my self to receiving. I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life. So simple. No self.                                     __________________ It is the little self … More In the Loop

Admire the Bounty

Day 136 Affirmation: I stand in the present moment of my life, assessing and appreciating the abundant harvest that surrounds me.                                    ______________________________ What do you see when you look at your life?  Do you see the gifts, the glory, the generosity the world has bestowed on you?  Do you see today?  Or do you … More Admire the Bounty

Saying Thank You

Day 88 Affirmation: When someone offers me a compliment I will accept their words with a smile and a simple “Thank you.”                                          ________________________________________ Have you ever really listened to the way most people accept a compliment?  Very often it sounds something like this- (In response to,  “Your hair looks great today.”)  “Really?  It’s sort of flat…”  … More Saying Thank You

Silver Lining Gratitude

Day 65 Affirmation: I have so much to be grateful for. I find reasons to be thankful in every situation.                          _________________ Every day may not see the fulfillment of my dreams, but every day holds much to be grateful for.  I can be upset that the price of fuel is almost more than I … More Silver Lining Gratitude

Risky Business

Day 52 Affirmation: I live free from fear and its many expressions. I am safe, loved, and my future secured in faith and positive affirmation. I replace all doubts with certainty and  gratitude for all that is right and abundant in my life.                                                    ________________ Last night I went to bed overwhelmed with appreciation and humbled by the … More Risky Business

No Mud, No Lotus

Day 34 Affirmation: I am grateful for every good thing in my life. I am grateful for every challenge in my life. I am grateful for every opportunity for growth I am given.                                   ______________________ It’s easy enough to feel grateful for things like loving friends, a fulfilling job, and a warm place to sleep. … More No Mud, No Lotus

Eating with Mindfulness

Day 29 Affirmation: I will eat one meal with complete mindfulness.                       ____________________ There are Buddhist monks and other practitioners who use eating as an opportunity to practice mindfulness.   What that means is that while they are eating they are eating.  That is–  they are ONLY eating.   They do not talk during meals and their every movement and every … More Eating with Mindfulness