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Day 137


I only make choices that are beneficial to my life and support my well-being.

I only make choices that support my growth into a  more empowered and more authentic, loving human.

It is easy to get into the habit of making choices that do not serve one’s life or self.   That may be the habit of choosing an unhealthy relationship, choosing to be in situations which promote victimhood, or choosing to worry (which offers nothing positive to any experience).   Consciously choosing that which is physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy is always the right choice, for both the self and others.  Choosing to nourish the body with the healthiest possible food is choosing well-being.  Choosing to end or avoid engaging in toxic situations is choosing to support one’s growth.  Choosing to view oneself as worthy and valuable is choosing empowerment.  Choosing to feel compassion, tolerance, understanding and acceptance is choosing authenticity.   Choosing to have a positive attitude and positive thoughts is choosing to be a more positive, loving person.   Being conscious of what one is choosing – and whether or not the consequences of those choices  support well-being – is an important part of living a joyful, healthy, authentic life of love and truth.


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365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness


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Day 77


My thoughts, my beliefs and my words are in agreement.

I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

I live with authenticity of expression.

Inner balance arises when thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in harmony with each other.  Expressing verbally (speaking or writing) is an action.  Therefore, part of inner balance is having thoughts, beliefs and words that are in accord.  If we think or believe one thing but say another, we’re not expressing authentically and are creating an imbalance within ourselves.  When the belief-word and thought-word relationships are congruent, we support our personal harmony.   If we’re uncomfortable speaking our thoughts or beliefs truthfully (or know it’s inappropriate to do so) we can choose to say nothing.  In the quest for inner balance, consciously choosing words that are an authentic reflection of our thoughts and beliefs is crucial.

3way balance


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Day 64


I listen to the wisdom of my body and respect my body’s need for regular rest.

When I am tired, I stop.

When I am sleepy, I sleep.

Everyone seems to like the idea of finding balance in this manic, fast-paced world but we often forget that part of balance is rest.   Our bodies are the vehicles for our experiences, the bearers of our minds, hearts, and souls.  We can’t experience harmony when we ignore our bodily need for rest.  In a get-it-done-yesterday, more-is-better,  modern world, we like to override the natural need for rest with chemicals or by simply ignoring the message our body is sending.  When the body is tired and we ignore it, we put it into stress, and that can lead to trouble down the road.   We need to listen to the wisdom of the body.  It knows best what it needs to keep going optimally.   Instead of coffee or an energy drink – both meant to keep us going when the body wants otherwise – we’d do better to stop for ten minutes and meditate or take a cat nap.  When it comes to sleep,  the physical body functions best on a regular sleep schedule.  The number of hours needed varies from person to person, but consistency is ideal.  A body listened to and allowed to rest regularly and consistently is a body that will perform optimally.  The body will always tell us what it needs.  And if we learn to listen now, it might not have to scream, “STOP!” in some unpleasant way, later on.

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Day 55


I consciously create the legacy I wish to leave.

I act in harmony with how I wish to one day be remembered.

How we remember someone when they leave this world is largely the result of how they lived.   We are remembered  for our words and our  deeds.   It is not the selfish, intolerant and cruel who are remembered as heroes, saints and humanitarians.  While no one should live their life worrying about what others think, it can be a nice wake up call to stop and ask, “What do I want to be remembered for when my time here is done?”   If the answers are in harmony with how we’re now living, then who we are and how we want to be thought of are aligned.   If they are not, it’s never too late to begin living the legacy we desire to leave.  It’s not too hard either.  To be remembered as a gentle warrior for love, gently love.  To be remembered as a shooting star, work toward your dreams.  To be remembered as authentic, be yourself.

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Day 187


I seek personal balance in my life.

My thoughts, emotions, actions and spiritual practices share equal roles in my daily experience, with none dominating.

I consciously choose to maintain personal balance by paying attention and making adjustments as needed.


Personal equilibrium is achieved when our states of doing, feeling, thinking and be-ing, have equal parts in our daily experience.  We don’t have balance in our lives when we are constantly doing and always on the go.   We also don’t have balance when our thoughts are like flies, incessantly darting about our minds, restless and  haphazard.  Nor do we have balance when we’re spending most of our time in meditation, spiritual devotion, or self-work.  One way to know that we’re out of balance is when emotions are erratic or easily provoked.   Another tell-tale sign is when it seems that we only have two speeds- on and off.  When out of balance, we don’t feel settled.  If imbalance persists for too long, the body will get involved and illness may take place.  We can make sure we maintain that equilibrium by paying attention to daily habits.  Are you always on the go, never running out of things to do?  Are you spending so much time in your thoughts that things aren’t getting done?  Are you so enmeshed in your spiritual life that you don’t feel grounded or effective in the physical world?  Consciously taking the time to make a few shifts can bring the inner world quickly back into balance, and infinitely more joy to daily life.

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Day 129


I embrace and accept the light-ness and the dark-ness as essential forces comprising the whole of physical existence. 

I live in a harmonious acceptance of duality, learning from it, and growing into unity, through it.


Physical life is a never-ending interplay of the forces of duality, of light and dark.  How beautiful it would be to dance only in the light, the joy, the goodness and the glory, but in our world of two-ness and opposites, we can not, nor should we, avoid dancing in the dark.   By resisting or denying the experience of pain, suffering, and heartache in the world, we only deepen its hold on us.  We can only truly be free of darkness when we embrace it, when we accept its presence, when from it we achieve the greatness of compassion, charity, and forgiveness.  Accepting the dance of duality opens a space in the heart for unity.   Harmony is not found in only having, only loving, only knowing joy, it is found in appreciating the full spectrum of life, from love to hate, from joy to sorrow, from self-pity to gratitude.  Balance is not found in denial but in acceptance.  See life as this dance, a constant and necessary interplay of polarity and opposing forces, creating and destroying, coming together and tearing apart.  Embrace the whole of experience, the shadows and the source,  and you will begin to possess an equanimity that allows you to dance with the entirety.

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Day 41


I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am

I accept my humanness and my shadows as part of the divine gift of life.


Spiritual perfectionism is an easy trap to fall into.  Most of us who have embarked on the spiritual quest will find ourselves there at least once, being so unbearably hard on ourselves for being human, instead of just embracing the journey, shadows and all.    Today I will stop beating myself up for not being balanced or centered or a perfect specimen of spiritual harmony. I will stop belittling myself if I’ve “missed the mark.”    Just for today I will stop trying so hard to be aligned and attuned and authentic and just BE the imperfectly perfect me I am.

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