Being the Example

Day 129 Affirmation: I am the example I wish to see. I am an example of my highest values and beliefs. I am an example of the Divine in the physical world. I am an example of determination, fortitude and perseverance. I am an example of grace, tolerance and compassion. I am an example I can be proud … More Being the Example

Embracing Differences

Day 189 Affirmation: I am grateful for the gift of differing views and opinions, opposing perspectives and beliefs, and unrecognizable ideologies.  Such gifts of diversity offer me opportunities for expansion, compassion, tolerance and gratitude.            ____________ What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.  If everyone had the same beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, … More Embracing Differences

Saying Yes to Money

Day 108 Affirmation: Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift. Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential. I like having a lot of money. I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.                                       ________________ … More Saying Yes to Money