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Day 129


I am the example I wish to see.

I am an example of my highest values and beliefs.

I am an example of the Divine in the physical world.

I am an example of determination, fortitude and perseverance.

I am an example of grace, tolerance and compassion.

I am an example I can be proud of.

So often we look to others to be role models and examples of spiritual courage, fortitude, devotion, charity or enlightenment, such that we do not recognize our own example.   Remember that step you took away from those who did not support you?  A shining example of courage.  The day you took a deep breath and rose again, when every fiber of your being wanted to quit?  Fortitude  in the flesh.   Those infinite moments when you’ve silently whispered, “thank you” to a Universe of love?  Pure devotion.   Every time you’ve offered a smile, a helping hand, shared a dollar, given of your time to sit with a friend or family member?  Beautiful examples of charity.   And all of those intuitive flashes of pure knowing, awareness, and unity?  Enlightenment.    Just for today, let’s see ourselves as our own heroes and our own role models.  Look in the mirror and see the example we are. 


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Day 89


I keep my focus in the direction of my desires.

If we desire abundance but keep seeing lack everywhere we look, we need to turn and look in a different direction.  If we desire health but our attention is only on ailing, we must change our point of view.  We cannot experience, achieve, or manifest a desire if we’re looking in the direction of what we do not want.  And since we can only see in the direction we face, we must be facing that which we desire.  If we desire harmony, we must look in the direction of harmony rather than staring at discord.  If we wish to have a life we are grateful for, we must be seeing that which we are grateful for.  If we do not like what we’re seeing, we must change our position.

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Day 190


I refuse to believe that anything is inevitable.

I believe that I am constantly creating my tomorrows today, with my thoughts and actions, therefore I keep my thoughts and actions congruent with the life I want to live, not one I fear might be in store for me.

I believe in the power of my positive thoughts, beliefs and actions, and allow the Universe to deliver me a tomorrow that matches my positive attitude. 


Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to step out of what it sees as an inevitable reality [such as gloom and doom] in order to realize that there is no inevitable reality.   Tomorrow is not created until we put forth the intention for it.  Our thoughts project outward into the creation in order to keep it unfolding.  The thoughts we had in our yesterdays, coupled with our actions, created our today.   The only inevitability is that tomorrow will be.  What it will be is a matter of choice.  That is, choosing thoughts, beliefs and actions that support what you want it to be.  The Universe operates outside of time, so even if something seems logically inevitable, you may well be surprised when things turn out differently! 


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Day 189


I am grateful for the gift of differing views and opinions, opposing perspectives and beliefs, and unrecognizable ideologies.  Such gifts of diversity offer me opportunities for expansion, compassion, tolerance and gratitude.


What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.  If everyone had the same beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, there would be nothing to facilitate broader understanding or promote the learning of foreign ideas.  In fact there would be no foreign ideas.  From differences and diversity we learn tolerance and acceptance.  We may not always agree with other’s choices or modes of self-expression, but from those differences we learn to respect and appreciate individuality.  Embracing differences promotes a deep and reverent gratitude for the opportunity to live in a world filled with so many divergent expressions. 

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Day 108


Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift.

Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential.

I like having a lot of money.

I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.


Money is the root of all evil.  We’ve all heard it.  Many believe it.  And it’s not true.  The roots of evil are pain, fear, anger, hatred and other out-of-control negative emotions.   Yes, the pursuit of plenty can distract us from a more meaning-full and heart-centered path, just as overindulgence in any earthly gift can, but money itself has no more power than a tissue.   It is what we humans do with it and for it, that is either positive or not.   In fact, it is usually the LACK of money that causes distress and negativity, not the having.  

Having abundant money and wealth can and should be a good thing.  Having abundant re$ources can do three key things-offer freedom, promote physical security and wellness, and create opportunities.  For many, that can also equate to having peace of mind.    

The first step toward being in financial abundance is to believe that having money and wealth is a good thing.  Know what your core beliefs about money are.  Do you believe that those who want abundant wealth are greedy?  Do you think that liking to have money is superficial, shallow, materialistic or counter to a spiritual life?  Do you believe money promotes evil-doing and ill will?   Do you feel that having enough money is good, but that no one should have too much?  If you wish for financial abundance in your experience, you must believe that having money and being wealthy are good and positive attributes.   If any of today’s affirmations are hard to say (and mean), consider that you have a resistant belief that needs to be recognized and changed.   And remember this simple truth-the more you have, the more you have to give.

Say Yes to Money

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Day 60


I release the expectations I place on others.

I seek to control only my own behaviour.


It is easy to become frustrated when others do not act in ways appropriate to my expectations.   If I have expectations of consideration and I am ignored, I am likely to feel badly.  If I have expectations of receiving a gift and none arrives, I am likely to be disappointed, hurt and frustrated.  Whatever my expectations are, I must recognize that they are based on MY beliefs, feelings, previous experiences, moral, values, ethics, ideals, dreams and more.  My expectations are a reflection of ME and to place them on another, especially if they haven’t been informed of them as a guideline that I’ve set for THEIR behaviour, is unfair and unjust.  I can not control the behaviour of others.  I can not force someone else to adhere to my expections.  I can only, myself, act in congruence with my own expectations.  If I expect courtesy, I must be courteous.  If I expect kindness and respect, I must give kindness and respect.   I will allow others to be and act in accordance with their own beliefs, feelings, morals, values, ideals, dreams and previous experiences.  I will not allow myself to be mistreated but I will also not mistreat others by placing my guidelines for behaviour upon them.    I always have the choice to disassociate with those whom I am not in rapport with.  I can always choose my response, but it is not my place to choose another’s. 

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