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365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness



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Day 89


I keep my focus in the direction of my desires.

If we desire abundance but keep seeing lack everywhere we look, we need to turn and look in a different direction.  If we desire health but our attention is only on ailing, we must change our point of view.  We cannot experience, achieve, or manifest a desire if we’re looking in the direction of what we do not want.  And since we can only see in the direction we face, we must be facing that which we desire.  If we desire harmony, we must look in the direction of harmony rather than staring at discord.  If we wish to have a life we are grateful for, we must be seeing that which we are grateful for.  If we do not like what we’re seeing, we must change our position.

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Day 87


I am a garden

I am creation manifest.

I am growing, evolving, transforming and bearing the fruits of love abundantly.

I nourish myself of my harvest and share infinitely with others.

In our most natural state, we are gardens.  We grow strongest in well fertilized soil, are in a constant state of transformation, and our existence is often plagued with pests and weeds, but with mindfulness, and the help of others, we overcome and become productive.  Our perennial crop is love, and when upon harvest we have enough for ourselves and others.

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Day 42


I am a passionate being.

I allow my passion to ignite life within me.

I find infinite opportunities to experience and express passionately.

Passion is the inner spark of the Divine come ablaze.  Passion is the outward expression of an internal expression of the heart.   Passion inspires and activates potential.  It’s a causation for creation.  It emboldens us to life and living.  Passion creates an opening by which the Divine can manifest in the world, thru the body, mind and heart.  Passion may be an intimate exchange with another but it is ALWAYS an intimate exchange between ourselves and our Source.   I give myself permission to be the passionate being I AM.

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Day 16


I see miracles everywhere.

I see all miracles as created equal.

I am humbled and awed by the miracles of life and existence that are all around me.

I welcome all miracles into my experience.

I am grateful for the miracles in my life.

There are no small miracles.  There are no big miracles.  To the universal font of creation a life-saving healing is no bigger or greater an occurrence than a fortuitous encounter on the street.   Creation does not know the limits of more and less because creation It-self is limitless.  All creation is equally meaningful to its Creator.  Humans assign degrees of importance, worth, and value to acts of creation because we think in terms of judgment, limitation and duality.  The Universe does not.  From a non-physical perspective, every encounter, every birth, every happenstance, every synchronicity, every bit of support made manifest is just as grand and meaningful as every other.

We don’t have to limit ourselves and our thinking either. We can learn to think like the Universe.  The job, the relationship, the healing, the purpose, the resources, the human being, the ant, the quiet moment, the parking space up front, the coupon for free gas, the feather, and the cloud can all be embraced equally without measuring one against the other.  When we view our experiences and the world as independent of  all else – without comparing or thinking of bigger or smaller, lesser or greater- we see each as meaningful and miraculous- period.

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Day 183


I recognize creation alive and abundant around me.

I am in awe of the divine will that creates life from intention.

Today I will spend time noticing life around me.


Everywhere life abounds in its manifested, pulsing, breathing, expanding state.  Look in the mirror and see life reflected back.  Look at the people around you and see them as the animated manifestations of creation they are.  Go outside and sit for ten minutes, still and present-ly aware of the life amidst you.  See the insects, flying and crawling.  Observe the plants newly sprouted, the vines newly tendrilled, the flowers newly opened.   Consider the fact that only a few hours, days or weeks ago, some of what you see was still unmanifest.  Consider the awesome power of creation that took a seed and transformed it into a shoot, then a tree, then a branch, then a bud, then a flower, then a fruit.  Witness life and be in the wonder and magic of creation. 

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Day 169


I will not be concerned about the limited thinking of others.

I will not be hindered by my own feelings of limitation. 

I believe in possibilities.

The Divine exists within everything and The Divine is limitless, therefore everything contains limitless potential.


It’s easy to be swayed into feelings of limitation when confidence is shaky.  If my thoughts are of the not possible, too hard, no way, not enough time, or don’t see how kind, then I am approaching my situation from limitation.  If others offer me the same sort of garden variety limiting thoughts, they too are viewing the situation from a perspective of limitation. 

If an endeavor, issue, or goal is seen through the lens of limitation, then the situation will, in fact, be bounded and held in a limited space.  Nothing can be held in the space of infinite possibilities unless it is perceived as such.  Our thoughts either cage our opportunities in limitations or free them with limitless beliefs.  

Consider any one of the most amazing events you’ve experienced in your life – how you met your partner, how you came to live where you do, how you found your way to a sense of purpose, for example.  Think for a moment about how that situation came to be.  Consider the many unexpected twists and turns that preceded its presentation in your life, the number of dominoes that had to line up just so to make it happen…  Mind boggling, isn’t it?  And while you knew you wanted the outcome, how it would all come together was something you never could have imagined, because even our imaginations are limited by our thoughts.  When you look at your own incredible experiences and what went into making them happen, how can anything be impossible? 

We can’t begin to perceive how creation is orchestrated, so why hinder it from the onset with feelings of limitation? Don’t cage your dreams in, and don’t let others cage your dreams in either.  Let them soar freely, with pure belief in possibilities…


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Day 155


I do not fight and struggle to achieve, I allow Creation to flow into and through me easily

I take  only positive, fulfilling action toward the realization of my dreams and desires. 

I surrender my dreams and desires to the Universe. 

I trust the Powers of the Universe to guide me.

When I remain an open and allowing vessel, I am able to receive opportunities and experiences that lead to the fulfillment of my dreams and desires.


I whined, “But I’ve been working so hard at this; it’s been such a struggle, and nothing has worked!”  That last word sounded more like, w-w-w-w-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrked.”   It was one of those days.   And I wasn’t struggling because it wasn’t working; it wasn’t working because I was struggling.   Despite everything we’ve ever been told, it is not the force, the struggle, or the push that gets us to the end of that rainbow.   It’s the surrender.  How many times have you crawled and clawed your way toward something only to get there when you quit fighting for it.   Women who’ve become pregnant after years of infertility know what I mean.    Look back on your life and consider that the best things that ever happened to you- jobs, homes, relationships- came as if on the wind.  That doesn’t mean without any effort, but they probably arrived without having to struggle or suffer for them, as if the Universe had it all planned out ahead of time and was just waiting for the right time, the right opening.   That opening is called surrender.  Surrendering creates a place of receptivity.  It disarms the fighter, struggling to make something happen, and opens the experiencer to allowing the unfolding of it.  Life is not meant to be forced, it is meant to flow.  It is not meant to be resisted, it is meant to be allowed.   There’s an old tune that sings, “They soar through the air with the greatest of ease, those daring young men on the flying trapeze.”   If you’ve ever watched a trapeze artist you know that they do soar with ease, they have to.  They have to move fluidly and flexibly.  If they were to be stiff, rigid, or struggling, they would fall.  They have to surrender to the swing and the momentum, becoming part of the flow.   We are living our own trapeze acts, flying through life and experience, and we too, do best when we soar with the ease that comes from surrendering to the process.        

...with the greatest of ease...

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Day 131


Every step I take toward my goal, however slight or imperceptible, is itself the fulfillment of a goal. 

I rejoice daily in the progress I make toward the fulfillment of my dreams. 

I affirm achieving my goals, while acknowledging and applauding the process of getting there.


Humans tend toward goal orientation.  We ‘keep our eye on the ball’ and ‘never lose sight of the goal’.   Having a goal and working toward it are  fundamentally important aspects of creation, but they are only part of the puzzle.  The fulfillment of any goal is achieved only by the cumulative effects of effort, time and events.  Realizing the progress being made, relishing the small steps that make up a big journey, and applauding the daily movement forward, are every bit as important to achieving a desired outcome.   It can be hard to see progress when fixated on an end result, but progress happens daily, moment by moment, sometimes in ways hardly recognizable.  A chance meeting, an unexpected contact, a slight change of direction… all steps in the direction of fulfillment.  Make a daily habit of affirming your goal.  Doing so is an unquestionably powerful tool in the creative process.  Then add the daily habit of acknowledging the progress made along the way.  Feel empowered and encouraged by your own recognition of forward movement.   Even on those days when you can’t quite see how progress was made, believe with all your heart that it was and that you just don’t know how… yet.   

Applaud  the small achievements as much as the big result. 

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Day 71


When I am creating I am at-one with the Divine.

I choose to consciously engage creation in my life.


Creation is the process of bringing forth something new.  When we create we engage our own inner divinity as a Creator.  It doesn’t matter what we are creating.   Every time we cook, draw, write, solve a problem, have an idea, imagine, plan, garden, or make up a bedtime story, we are creating.   Every time a pot of coffee is made, something that did not exist a moment before is created.  Each time a mathematical problem is solved, an answer is created.   Humans have unlimited powers of creation but often think in terms of grand results when thinking themselves creators.   To the Universe, the creation of an amoeba is no less signficant than any other creation, just because an amoeba is so small.  Creating a hi-rise building does not engage the creative process any more than creating a quilt….for a doll house.   Engaging in some act of creation, by choice and consciously, opens a channel for the Divine to work with us, and for us to connect to our authentic natures, more readily. 


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Day 61


I understand and accept that there are many paths in life.

I appreciate the diversity created by a world of choice.

I respect the choices of others even if I do not understand them.


Human beings are blessed with free choice, a gift we often wish to keep for ourselves and deny others.   There is no one right way to travel through life; there are as many paths as there are minds to conceive of them.    What is right for me, may not be right for anyone else; I do not know the soul’s journey another person has committed to, their life experiences, or their belief system.  I will stand in opposition of another only when their choices violate my own ability to choose, or the free choice of others.  In all other ways, I respect the choices others make as their own.  Opposing and divergent views create the contrast and diversity the mosaic of creation thrives on.

Today I remind myself to express tolerance and respect for the choices and expressions of others, rather than judgement.

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