365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness —————————–

Love Beyond Fear

Day 30 Affirmation: I love beyond fear. I love with the fullness of my being. I love with a complete commitment to loving. I love without expectation, comparison, or attachment. I love with surrender, vulnerability and daring. I love for the sake of loving. I love in the present. I love.   To love with only half … More Love Beyond Fear

Rejoice in Progress

Day 131 Affirmation: Every step I take toward my goal, however slight or imperceptible, is itself the fulfillment of a goal.  I rejoice daily in the progress I make toward the fulfillment of my dreams.  I affirm achieving my goals, while acknowledging and applauding the process of getting there.                         ____________________ Humans tend toward goal … More Rejoice in Progress