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Day 89


I keep my focus in the direction of my desires.

If we desire abundance but keep seeing lack everywhere we look, we need to turn and look in a different direction.  If we desire health but our attention is only on ailing, we must change our point of view.  We cannot experience, achieve, or manifest a desire if we’re looking in the direction of what we do not want.  And since we can only see in the direction we face, we must be facing that which we desire.  If we desire harmony, we must look in the direction of harmony rather than staring at discord.  If we wish to have a life we are grateful for, we must be seeing that which we are grateful for.  If we do not like what we’re seeing, we must change our position.

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Day 60


I rise above opportunities to express fear and anger.

I choose to respond to life with and from love.

I choose to be better than the examples others set.

I grow and evolve with life’s experiences.

I am my own hero.

One of life’s great lessons is to rise above and be better for our circumstances and trials.  We learn, grow and evolve when we take every experience – not just the good ones – and become better and more loving for them.  It can be easy to repeat the bad choices and behaviour others have modeled for us but the desirable way is to be better than those examples and to let them inspire us to greatness.  The easy path is to react to life’s difficulties with negative resistance; the desirable way is to respond to challenges with hope, faith, courage and optimism.  Some of our greatest heroes are those we see as having overcome formidable circumstances in order to rise to their highest potential.   We can all be our own heroes and heroines, being better – always better – for what life offers us.

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Day 50


It is never too late to begin again.

Every moment is an opportunity to start over.


No matter how futile a situation may seem, it is never too late to begin anew.   Just as we like to view each new year as an opportunity to begin again, so too can we view each day – and even each moment – as an opportunity for a fresh start.   Whatever has not been working can be given a second (or third or tenth) chance by choosing a ‘starting over’ attitude.   A discussion turning into an argument can be stopped and started in a new direction.  A relationship that is struggling can be given a chance to begin again.   Age, health, education, time, experience, opportunity, history, re$ources, and location are oft used excuses for not starting something over when fear is usually the real culprit.  Starting something over can be scary, scary enough to make staying the same preferable, however toxic, unhealthy, or growth inhibiting that may be.  Don’t allow fear or excuses to prevent every situation from being the best it can be.  If something is not going the way that we wish it to, or working out as best we think it can, seize the opportunity in every moment to start over.

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Day 30


I love beyond fear.

I love with the fullness of my being.

I love with a complete commitment to loving.

I love without expectation, comparison, or attachment.

I love with surrender, vulnerability and daring.

I love for the sake of loving.

I love in the present.

I love.


To love with only half of one’s heart is an incomplete act.  Refraining from complete surrender is usually meant to protect one’s emotions and sense of self from some sort of possible threat.  It is much like sending only half of one’s army to battle, leaving the other half to defend the kingdom.  It may make sense to those whose only goal is to protect the empire but to those who wish to win the battle, all must be committed to the cause.   To love is to risk pain, perhaps even in the most melodramatic sense, ruin.   Yet to love and be loved is the very ache every heart longs to fulfill.  Every soul desires that the arrow of love pierce and impale itself in our hearts.  We want to win the battle most of all but to have complete love we must commit our hearts to giving love completely, in spite of its risks and in favor of its infinite rewards.   Yes, love hurts but there is no more sweeter wound than that which befalls the soldier on the battlefield of love.  There is no cause more worthy of our commitment.   And there is no greater victory than conquering fear and living in the spoils of true love.

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Day 18


Right now, right here, I am strong, determined and unwilling to let fear undermine my author-ity.

I refuse to allow fear to disable my creative potential.

I refuse to let fear dis-able me.

I choose to move beyond fear and into my potential.


Imagine a fear-full person preparing to skydive.  He stands in the doorway of the plane, holding on to whatever will keep him safely in the plane.  He’s rigid, rooted in place, unable to take that step out of the plane.  He is paralyzed by his fear, and in that moment, all potential is disabled.  All forward motion is stopped.  No progress can be made.  His fear has dis-abled him.  In the very same way, fear has the potential to dis-able us in our ordinary, day-to-day lives.  We are the authors, creators and inventors of our lives but when in fear, all potential is frozen.  We can not move forward.  We can not jump into life with enthusiasm.  We can not experience the abundant, joy-full, loving experiences that are waiting for us. But in spite of our fears, we have choices and we can choose to push ourselves beyond our fear and into our potential.

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Day 13


I will not let fear keep me from authentic relationships.

I will not make excuses, when fear is the real roadblock.

I have the courage I need to take a chance on love… and I will.


Stop thinking… just jump.

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Day 251


I will laugh whenever possible today

I will smile as often as I can

I will balance seriousness with silliness

Just for today I will let my burdens go


It is all too easy to become drawn into the heavy, dark, and serious side of life when so many external forces operate within that energy. Media sources-like television, radio, and print-bombard us with worrisome, angry, hateful and fear filled images and messages. Co-workers, family members, neighbors, and others in our daily experiences often do the same. If we aren’t deliberate and conscious in our interactions and choices, we can be brought down too. But if we pay attention, we can choose actions, thoughts and feelings that keep life light. We can turn off the heavy programming and turn on the light and fanciful. We can take a break from frustrations- consciously refusing to acknowledge them for just one day. We can surround ourselves with people, places, and things that makes us smile and laugh. And we can remind ourselves that life is just to short to plod through when we can choose to skip or even fly.

crawling through mud

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Day 234


I let go my need for attachment and reside in my desire to love.

I do not cling; I surrender

I am not compulsive; I am free


Love and fear cannot co-exist, and unhealthy attachment is a compulsion or need that arises from fear.  Love is a state of connectedness that requires vulnerability and surrender; fear promotes insecurity and inner isolation.  Love promotes interdependence within a shared safe space; unhealthy attachment never feels safe for very long and thrives off of a kind of co-dependent wrapping-around another and their life.  Love expands the individual and the heart; attachment diminishes both.  When insecurity arises within the framework of a  and it always will- love faces it promptly and then takes whatever action is necessary to relinquish it, but like fertilizer in a garden of viny, thorny weeds, needy attachment thrives on insecurity and is supported by it.   Love exists in a state of present presence; attachment is always mindful of the pains of the yesterday and fearing the imagined pains of tomorrow.  Attachment is a compulsive need; love is free to want.

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Day 211


My intention for today is to think like GOD thinks… from loving kindness, from compassion, from unity, from wisdom, from tolerance, from forgiveness, from a higher perspective….
My thoughts will arise from a divine heart filled with love, not a small mind filled with fear, insecurity, or negativity.



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Day 190


I refuse to believe that anything is inevitable.

I believe that I am constantly creating my tomorrows today, with my thoughts and actions, therefore I keep my thoughts and actions congruent with the life I want to live, not one I fear might be in store for me.

I believe in the power of my positive thoughts, beliefs and actions, and allow the Universe to deliver me a tomorrow that matches my positive attitude. 


Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to step out of what it sees as an inevitable reality [such as gloom and doom] in order to realize that there is no inevitable reality.   Tomorrow is not created until we put forth the intention for it.  Our thoughts project outward into the creation in order to keep it unfolding.  The thoughts we had in our yesterdays, coupled with our actions, created our today.   The only inevitability is that tomorrow will be.  What it will be is a matter of choice.  That is, choosing thoughts, beliefs and actions that support what you want it to be.  The Universe operates outside of time, so even if something seems logically inevitable, you may well be surprised when things turn out differently! 


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Day 188


I am the author of my life.

My dreams are all possible.

I claim my right to be happy.

I listen to the wisdom of others but decide for myself.

I have an amazing inner strength that has gotten me this far.

I am empowered.

I am not threatened by the fears of others.

I am responsible for how I live my life.

I let nothing hold me back.

I have no ties to old pains.

I live by my own light.

I am free to live ALIVE.


Just as person can be physically enslaved, but maintain an inner freedom of spirit, so can a person can be physically free yet enslaved by the mind and the emotions.  Claim your right to be free from whatever oppression you feel in your life.  Such freedom is the birthright of every individual.  All freedom (even physical) begins first in the mind.  Free yourself from self-doubt, fear, lack of esteem, intolerance or any of the other lower energies that imprison, dis-able and discourage.  Release yourself from your inner chains and feel the freedom to be truly ALIVE in your living.

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Day 171


Fear exists nowhere but in the perception of a future moment, therefore I remain fully present and existent in the moment that is here and now.

I have the power to prevent my thoughts from moving from reality to fear, and I use that power willfully.

I refuse to let fear dis-able me with thoughts of what could, might or will be.


Fears are created when a situation is considered and determined to hold the potential for physical or emotional danger. It is the anticipation of a situation that produces fear, not the current reality.  We experience fear in the present moment but it always arises from the perception of a future event.   A fear of flying is about what could happen.  A fear of heights is about what might happen.   A fear of death is about what will (or won’t) happen.  Every fear, when dissected, reveals itself to be a what could be situation, not a what is.  If I am afraid of snakes, then suddenly find myself in a pit of them, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of the snakes themselves, but that they might bite me.  If I am being bitten, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of being bitten, but of that bite being poisonous.  I may continue to be in fear but the fear will continue to be about the next what if.    By consciously choosing thoughts that are about the present moment, and refusing to engage thoughts about what is not yet present, we can free ourselves from the crippling and dis-abling effects of fear.   Remember, fears are always about the un-real, because nothing exists but what IS. 


Choose your perception

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Day 139


I am not afraid of death.

I embrace death as a change, not an ending.

When others die I mourn the illusion of our separation but rejoice in their return Home.


Death is an illusion.  It appears to be an ending, but it is no more than a transition, a change.  For those who leave the physical, that transition is a joyous Homecoming.  For those on their way however, it can be wrought with fear and apprehension.  It’s believed that more than 20% of the population of the United States fears death.  Fear of death can be so consuming, it inhibits living.  Those in the midst of the transition from physical to non-physical can cause themselves undue suffering if they are afraid, clinging to their physical forms longer than necessary.   Returning to the non-physical is a graduation, one that has often been hard-earned.  We can greatly enhance our own lives when we release our fears of death, but we can also enhance the experience of the dying when we let go our sense of finality and celebrate their transition.    

We do not die, we transform.


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Day 109


Today I make up my mind that I will do just one thing I have long wanted to do, and will daily takes steps toward making it happen.  

I make a committment to myself to take this chance and believe that I can make this happen.  

When I make a committment,  I keep it. 

I’m going for it.


Think of just one thing you have long wanted to do, see, experience, learn, try or even wear, and write it down.  Stare at your words and now, firmly intent on achieving your desire, make a committment to daily take steps toward its realization.  And take that first step today.  The first step might be information gathering, or announcing your decision to others you need support from, but force yourself to take whatever first step you can.  Then applaud yourself- you are own your way.  You’ve made a committment to yourself and you will honour it.   Every day do something, anything, to engage or promote the fulfillment of your desire.  And above all else, believe it will come to be.  Let nothing deter you.  If you don’t think others will be supportive, don’t tell them.  Enlist and engage only those who will encourage you.  Do not let self-doubt, fear, or what others might think, hold you back.  Go for it, it’s your life, no one else’s.  Be open to the guidance and support of the Universe, which, if you believe in your goal, will do everything possible to help you reach it.  If you are looking,  you will see evidence of that support all around you in the form of synchronicities, coincidences, aha moments, and other divinely timed miracles.  Take a chance, starting today. 

A few regret trying; a great many regret never trying.

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Day 108


Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift.

Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential.

I like having a lot of money.

I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.


Money is the root of all evil.  We’ve all heard it.  Many believe it.  And it’s not true.  The roots of evil are pain, fear, anger, hatred and other out-of-control negative emotions.   Yes, the pursuit of plenty can distract us from a more meaning-full and heart-centered path, just as overindulgence in any earthly gift can, but money itself has no more power than a tissue.   It is what we humans do with it and for it, that is either positive or not.   In fact, it is usually the LACK of money that causes distress and negativity, not the having.  

Having abundant money and wealth can and should be a good thing.  Having abundant re$ources can do three key things-offer freedom, promote physical security and wellness, and create opportunities.  For many, that can also equate to having peace of mind.    

The first step toward being in financial abundance is to believe that having money and wealth is a good thing.  Know what your core beliefs about money are.  Do you believe that those who want abundant wealth are greedy?  Do you think that liking to have money is superficial, shallow, materialistic or counter to a spiritual life?  Do you believe money promotes evil-doing and ill will?   Do you feel that having enough money is good, but that no one should have too much?  If you wish for financial abundance in your experience, you must believe that having money and being wealthy are good and positive attributes.   If any of today’s affirmations are hard to say (and mean), consider that you have a resistant belief that needs to be recognized and changed.   And remember this simple truth-the more you have, the more you have to give.

Say Yes to Money

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Day 52


I live free from fear and its many expressions.

I am safe, loved, and my future secured in faith and positive affirmation.

I replace all doubts with certainty and  gratitude for all that is right and abundant in my life.


Last night I went to bed overwhelmed with appreciation and humbled by the beautiful course my life is on and all the loving support I am wrapped in.  I woke this morning unnerved and apprehensive, little questioning doubts creeping into my mind.  Life is good and my delightful ego, doing its job so well, recognized the risk in such a state– it might not last, it might all collapse, it might turn sour, something might go wrong.  Risk usually comes with fear and fear always bring forth the ego which seeks to protect the self from any threat.  I sat and embraced the risk, eliminated the fear (replacing it with faith and positive beliefs) and breathed again in gratitude for the abundance, love, and joy that are here now.  Life can always collapse around us at any moment.  Sometimes it’s even necessary and proper that it do so, but sometimes it does so only because (over time) our fears of collapse have created it.   Accept risk without fear, replace doubt with certainty,  and live in gratitude for what is here and now. 

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Day 36


I refuse to let the fears of yesterday be the fears of my tomorrow.


As my brain throws out reasons for me to feel threatened or afraid based on something I experienced in the past, I will pause and ask myself, “Is there a real threat here now or is this a learned response?”   I intend to be sincere with myself and admit if my response is simply an emotional habit.    If it is, I’ll recognize it and let it go.  If I don’t, I may turn some wonderful opportunities into problems they aren’t. 

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Day 32


I let go of regret.

I make mistakes, learn from them and move on with responsibility and grace.


I think everyone can look back on a time when they believe they could have made a better choice.    How often  people say, “If I had it to do over again…”  But even if we could go back and have a do-over,  we would always make the same choices (unless we could take our current awareness back with us, and we can’t).  Decisions are based on all that’s available in the moment they’re made: our hopes, our fears, the world and people around us, everything that led up to that moment and everything we think in that moment about our future…. The only way any choice made could ever be made differently is if the circumstances that went into that decision were also different.   We’d have to go back to our very first breath.  So what to do then with all those woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ thoughts?   The only thing anyone can do is take the past and embrace it as a learning experience.  Be appropriately sorry perhaps, but see it as an experience that is a part of the learning to be and become better than who we were yesterday.  Today I embrace one of my so-called regrets and let it go, knowing things could not, as the universe was set up at that time, have been any different.  I give thanks for the opportunity to learn from hindsight and determine to use my experience to make better choices in the future.   I take responsibility for my past choices but regret only cripples.  Today I let it go.

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