The First 50 Affirmations of 2015

In case you missed one, here’s a recap of the first 50 days of affirmations for 2015 … Day 1     Birthing OurSelves Day 2     A Used Book or Gently Loved? Day 3     Love Is Not Blind Day 4     Infinite Potential Day 5     Be Here Now Day 6     Remembering What Matters Day 7     An Unknown Path Day … More The First 50 Affirmations of 2015

Flowing with Life

Day 31 Affirmation: I surrender all resistance and allow myself to be a natural part of the flow of life. As a leaf upon the water… moving with the currents of the water and the wind, being connected to the flow but remaining above it.  There’s no need to paddle, anchor, fight the current, or resist the … More Flowing with Life