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365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness



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Day 14


I am ever grateful to a Universe that never fails to ensure I have support.

I am grateful to those who show up in my life to help me overcome challenges and sort through life’s confusion.

I walk my journey always with the support of at least one other loving soul, to whom I am grateful.


This brilliant, loving, Divine Universe never allows us to find ourselves in the middle of an issue, struggle, challenge, obstacle, difficulty, trauma or heartache without ensuring that we have at least one human companion to help us through.  That person may be a stranger with sage wisdom or brute strength, or it may be a beloved with time to listen.  They may be in our lives only to help us through that problem, or they might be or become a lifelong friend.  We may feel totally and utterly alone in the world, but there is always someone, somewhere in our experience, who is there specifically to help.  The key is to allow our earth angel into our experience.  We can’t be so stuck in feelings of isolation that we do not see or hear their presence.  They are there, waiting for us to give them an opening.  No matter how hard life gets, remember- somewhere in the world is at least one person, sent and ready to help, when we are ready to receive.


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Day 165


I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life.

I do not attach my self to giving.

I do not attach my self to receiving.

I appreciate what life gives unto me and I gratefully give back unto life.

So simple.

No self


It is the little self that seeks satisfaction from receiving.  It is the little self that seeks acknowledgement from giving.  It is the little self that seeks.  Forget seeking, forget the little self, and just be a part of the circle, forever dancing along in giving and accepting, giving and accepting, giving and accepting, giving and accepting….. No thoughts, just the dance.


Enso, Japanese Circle by Kanjuro Shibata XX ca 2000

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Day 162


I am amazing and wonderful and blessed and loved.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am thriving and growing and becoming a truer version of myself every day.

I am in harmony with the Divine, at peace in the world, and in love with life.

I am a good person.

I am telling the story of a happy, healthy, giving, loving, successful and appreciative me.


We are, each of us, constantly telling a story in which we are the main character.  We tell our story first to ourselves, in our thoughts, and it usually begins with I am.   What is the story of you that you are telling?  What I am statements do you tell yourself and others?  How do you identify yourself?  Practice paying attention to your words, in particular those self-defining statements that begin, I am.  Realize that how you finish those sentences is how you are telling your story.  Are you telling the story of the life you want to be living?  You are the author of your story, so tell the story you want to live. 

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Day 135


I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence.

I am generous toward others.

I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.


Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others in need, we place ourselves squarely in our hearts and help uplift the whole of humanity.  Charitable giving reinforces the awareness that we truly are one human family, on one shared planet, intended to love and support one another whenever and however we can.   When it comes to how much we give, most of us have a comfort zone.  For years my number was twenty.  If I were donating to an organization, I always gave $20.  Twenty felt good.  Twenty felt like enough.  Twenty felt do-able.   Then one day I got a little nudge.   The inner voice said, “How about challenging yourself to give more than feels good to you?”  The idea to give beyond what feels easy, comfortable, do-able and enough, was born.   

When we give just a bit more than is easy,  giving becomes a transformative experience, taking us truly out of ourselves.   Giving  moves to a whole new level of authenticity.   The next time you get ready to make a checkout donation for a $1 ask yourself if you can push that gift a little further.  The next time you get ready to give to your favorite .org charity, consider what you’d planned to give, then consider going just an inch out of the comfort zone.  You’ll be amazed how good one small inch can feel to the heart! 

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Day 67


Love is not self-centered.

Love is not petty. 

Love is not about taking.

Love is not about who is wrong.

Love is not about control.

Love is not about possession.

Love is not about the ego.


Even if love was the glue that created the original bond, fear (and its related emotions) often squeeze love out, allowing the ego to take over the  relationship.   When that happens, control issues, possessiveness, and self-centeredness threaten to dominate the landscape.  Love is not about, “What’s in it for me.”  Love says, “What can I do for you.”  Love is never about taking;  it is about giving (which means receiving too).   Love doesn’t fight for control or power in a relationship; it empowers.  Love isn’t a struggle for rights; it’s the ultimate union (which knows the importance of collective bargaining).  Love is not a cage; it is without boundaries, promoting unlimited growth in its partners.   Love is never about the ego, but always about the heart.

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