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Day 125


I celebrate life.

I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life.

I celebrate the big reveals in the small details.

I celebrate living.

Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It may be storming but outside birds still sing.   Find a reason to celebrate.  Look around the world and see the goodness, the glory and the greatness!  Look in the mirror and see the smile, the wisdom and the potential!    Rejoice in the monumental small details, the clean water, the gentle hug, the bee that dances from flower to flower.   Celebrate good times, past, present, and future.   Celebrate the Divine and Sacred gift of existence!   Find a reason, any or none at all, but CELEBRATE!

And if my passionate words aren’t enough…. listen and just try not to dance!  Celebrate!


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Day 64


I listen to the wisdom of my body and respect my body’s need for regular rest.

When I am tired, I stop.

When I am sleepy, I sleep.

Everyone seems to like the idea of finding balance in this manic, fast-paced world but we often forget that part of balance is rest.   Our bodies are the vehicles for our experiences, the bearers of our minds, hearts, and souls.  We can’t experience harmony when we ignore our bodily need for rest.  In a get-it-done-yesterday, more-is-better,  modern world, we like to override the natural need for rest with chemicals or by simply ignoring the message our body is sending.  When the body is tired and we ignore it, we put it into stress, and that can lead to trouble down the road.   We need to listen to the wisdom of the body.  It knows best what it needs to keep going optimally.   Instead of coffee or an energy drink – both meant to keep us going when the body wants otherwise – we’d do better to stop for ten minutes and meditate or take a cat nap.  When it comes to sleep,  the physical body functions best on a regular sleep schedule.  The number of hours needed varies from person to person, but consistency is ideal.  A body listened to and allowed to rest regularly and consistently is a body that will perform optimally.  The body will always tell us what it needs.  And if we learn to listen now, it might not have to scream, “STOP!” in some unpleasant way, later on.

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Day 58


I honour the boundaries of others.

I respect and honour other’s lives as their most personal asset, to share as they choose, or not at all.

I know only what my own boundaries are and make no assumptions about the boundaries of others.


In line at the market was a forty-something woman who was showing [anyone who would look] photos she’d just picked up from a photography studio.  They were Glamour Shot type pictures of her daughter.   They were attractive, but did she have a right to share them with strangers?  In doing so was she honouring her daughter’s boundaries? 

A man met a woman who had lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks.  He wanted to know more so he went online and researched her husband’s death.  Was he being respectful of the woman’s privacy and honouring her boundaries? 

A friend shared that she learned her son and his girlfriend had recently had sex for the first time.  How many had their personal boundaries violated in that disclosure?    

Looking where we aren’t invited to look, sharing what isn’t ours to share, giving away bits of information not ours to give, or engaging in any other violation of privacy is disempowering to others and dishonours their right to create their own healthy boundaries.    If asked about another’s well-being, social or marital status, health or other personal matter- unless given permission to have such a conversation- we should always defer to the subject of the questioning.   Want to know if my friend is single?  You’ll have to ask him.  Wish to know how that co-worker’s surgery went?  You’ll have to ask her.  Without clear authority to speak on another’s behalf or delve into their world, we have no right to presume to know what their boundaries are or if we are breaching them.  We empower others when we give them the right to choose the parameters of their own boundaries.  We also show them we value their world, their lives, their stories and even their images as their own.  And in the process of respecting others boundaries, we empower and remind ourselves to create and promote our own healthy boundaries.

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Day 50


It is never too late to begin again.

Every moment is an opportunity to start over.


No matter how futile a situation may seem, it is never too late to begin anew.   Just as we like to view each new year as an opportunity to begin again, so too can we view each day – and even each moment – as an opportunity for a fresh start.   Whatever has not been working can be given a second (or third or tenth) chance by choosing a ‘starting over’ attitude.   A discussion turning into an argument can be stopped and started in a new direction.  A relationship that is struggling can be given a chance to begin again.   Age, health, education, time, experience, opportunity, history, re$ources, and location are oft used excuses for not starting something over when fear is usually the real culprit.  Starting something over can be scary, scary enough to make staying the same preferable, however toxic, unhealthy, or growth inhibiting that may be.  Don’t allow fear or excuses to prevent every situation from being the best it can be.  If something is not going the way that we wish it to, or working out as best we think it can, seize the opportunity in every moment to start over.

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Day 238


I am an optimistic, positive being.

I allow only that which is positive to reside in my world.

I surround myself with positive energy.

I consciously choose and create a positive environment where I live and work.


While the external world mirrors the internal, it also has the power to influence the inner world.  If the morning is off to a rocky start, threatening to throw you into imbalance with first light, an external environment filled with peaceful, loving energy will support your return to harmony whereas a chaotic, tense environment will only support a further fall from center.  It’s important that we take time periodically to look around our environments and assess the energy that dominates, making changes where necessary and possible.

Some examples of environmental negatives are:

  • dark, brooding, depressing colors
  • artwork that depicts or promotes negative action/emotion
  • music, television and video games that focus on negative situations or excessive drama
  • food that is overly processed, has chemical additives, or promotes lack of health
  • animals and people whose dominant energy is negative
  • items that evoke unpleasant memories
  • clothes that make us feel unattractive
  • clutter, disorder and mess
  • lack of natural light

No environment is always free of negative influences,but those negative influences should never be allowed to dominate.  Imagine you’ve been asked to design a business that creates, promotes and sells only well-being and health. You’ve been told it should be a place where every customer feels uplifted, revitalized, calmed and centered as they enter. Well the business is your world and the #1 customer is you.

Look around your personal spaces– the bedroom, home, car and work area– where you find negativity, consider redecorating for optimism, health and tranquility.  Add lively color, art that promotes the positive attributes you desire, flowers and plants and fresh fruits and vegetables, symbols of freedom and expansion, for example. By doing so you’ll be immersing yourself in a positive, optimistic energy flow that will uplift and support your well-being on a daily basis.

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Day 168


I think like God thinks and I love as God loves.

I see the world through the eyes of  The Divine, and love the world with a Divine Heart.

I strive to live in alignment with my Source.


One of the desirable effects of spiritual practice is alignment with The Divine.  How do you know when if you’re in alignment with your Source?  You feel good.  You feel good about yourself and about your life.  You find synchronicity and so-called coincidences abounding.  You find you are consistently in the right place at the right time.  Your intuitive feelings are not only stronger but more often than not, they’re accurate.  Your desires, dreams, wishes and hopes seems to manifest more easily and quickly.  You find yourself meeting or attracting people who are also in alignment, who are ‘on the same wavelength’ literally.  Your health improves, you sleep better, you desire healthier food and circumstances, and you have more energy.  You have more confidence, feel more loving, patient, and tolerant.  You feel more creative, desiring to participate in a creative endeavor of some kind.  You feel good.  No one is always in alignment, not while they are incarnated on this planet, but even a moment in such a state of grace can inspire a lifetime of right practice.


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Day 162


I am amazing and wonderful and blessed and loved.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am thriving and growing and becoming a truer version of myself every day.

I am in harmony with the Divine, at peace in the world, and in love with life.

I am a good person.

I am telling the story of a happy, healthy, giving, loving, successful and appreciative me.


We are, each of us, constantly telling a story in which we are the main character.  We tell our story first to ourselves, in our thoughts, and it usually begins with I am.   What is the story of you that you are telling?  What I am statements do you tell yourself and others?  How do you identify yourself?  Practice paying attention to your words, in particular those self-defining statements that begin, I am.  Realize that how you finish those sentences is how you are telling your story.  Are you telling the story of the life you want to be living?  You are the author of your story, so tell the story you want to live. 

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Day 121


I embrace and claim a life of abundance.

I am surrounded by unlimited abundance and connected to it all.

I joyfully recognize the abundant blessings that are mine in this moment.

I give thanks for the abundance in my life and that which is manifesting


To live in abundance we must live in abundance.  It sounds like a riddle but it’s no joke.   Spiritual laws and modern physics both teach us that what we put our attention on expands.   If my attention is on shortage and lack, shortage and lack will expand in my life.  If I put my attention on the abundance in my experience, abundance will expand.  Many find it difficult to focus on plenty when they have an area of lack in their lives (lack of love, money or health, for example) but to facilitate the shift from lack to abundance that is exactly what must be done.   Find what is right, what is present, what is good, what is abundant in your world and sing its praises.  Feel wealthy with what you have.  If need be, think about all those who have so much less, and let that by your perspective point.   No matter how bankrupt we feel in some area of our lives, we all have some aspect of that which we desire already in our experience.   Need a thousand but only have twenty?  Feel grateful for that twenty and all it offers.   It is SOMETHING.   Want a lover but only have a friend?  Let your heart swell with the abundance of love that friendship offers.  It is SOMETHING.   When you realize you have something and NOT nothing, that something can expand.  Whatever you have, embrace it, hold it in gratitude and in joy.   Let your attention fall upon how much is good and right and abundant and what is good and right and abundant will increase.

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Day 46


I am worthy of having love.

I am worthy of having abundant resources.

I am worthy of having health.

I am worthy of having happiness.

I am worthy of having it all.


Few of us REALLY think we’re worthy of ‘having it all’;  most of us have at least one area of resistance. That area is an easy one to find– it’s the one thing that’s never worked out for us, the one issue we’ve always had (or can’t get rid of) or the one dream we never seem to have (or keep)  fulfilled.

Today I will ask myself, do I really BELIEVE and feel in my deepest places that I am worthy of having it all?  I will consider: Where does my resistance live? Does my inner being really believe I can have health and friendships but resists feeling completely worthy of wealth? Does my inner being feel truly worthy of a loving faithful partner or is that where my resistance is?

Today I intend to consider all this and then begin working to remove any resistance I might have to having it all.

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