Celebrate Existence

Day 125 Affirmation: I celebrate life. I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life. I celebrate the big reveals in the small details. I celebrate living. Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It … More Celebrate Existence

Redecorating for Optimism

Day 238 Affirmation: I am an optimistic, positive being. I allow only that which is positive to reside in my world. I surround myself with positive energy. I consciously choose and create a positive environment where I live and work. —————– While the external world mirrors the internal, it also has the power to influence the inner … More Redecorating for Optimism

In Alignment With The Divine

Day 168 Affirmation: I think like God thinks and I love as God loves. I see the world through the eyes of  The Divine, and love the world with a Divine Heart. I strive to live in alignment with my Source.                      ____________________ One of the desirable effects of spiritual practice is alignment with The Divine.  How do you know … More In Alignment With The Divine

Live in Abundance

Day 121 Affirmation: I embrace and claim a life of abundance. I am surrounded by unlimited abundance and connected to it all. I joyfully recognize the abundant blessings that are mine in this moment. I give thanks for the abundance in my life and that which is manifesting                                     ________________________ To live in abundance we … More Live in Abundance

Having It All

Day 46 Affirmation: I am worthy of having love. I am worthy of having abundant resources. I am worthy of having health. I am worthy of having happiness. I am worthy of having it all.   Few of us REALLY think we’re worthy of ‘having it all’;  most of us have at least one area … More Having It All