Shut Off the Inner Critic

Day 34 Affirmation: I accept that I am human and I make mistakes. I accept that making a mistake creates a path toward growth and expansion. I do not blame or berate myself when I err, I accept responsibility and move on. I do not cling to feelings of guilt when I err, I accept … More Shut Off the Inner Critic

Lowering the Head, Uplifting the Heart

To see more of his incredible and INSPIRED works go to Day 257 Affirmation: I acknowledge that I am human and I  am humbled today by the gift of my humanness. I easily and readily apologize for my mis-ses. I accept responsibility without hesitation. I forgive myself. I am an example of humility, courage and authenticity. ____________________________ … More Lowering the Head, Uplifting the Heart

Perfectly Imperfect

Day 41 Affirmation: I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am I accept my humanness and my shadows as part of the divine gift of life.                        _____________ Spiritual perfectionism is an easy trap to fall into.  Most of us who have embarked on the spiritual quest will find ourselves there at least once, being so unbearably … More Perfectly Imperfect