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Day 119


I am here in this moment and I feel safe.

I am here in this moment and I feel secure.

I am here in this moment and I feel at ease.

I am here in this moment and I am safe.

I am here in this moment and I am secure.

I am here in this moment and I am at ease.

Fear always arises in the present moment but is never about circumstances that exist in the present moment. The present circumstances are nothing more than triggers or precipitating factors for fear.  Fear is the result of anticipatory thoughts of a future, yet-to-happen experience.

We can consider any fear – from a fear of flying to a fear of abandonment – and in each instance the fear is the result of a thought of what could happen in a future time.  Once a fear is realized it disappears or is replaced by a new fear. Fear is always moving forward into the next possible point in time and the experience that may arise. For instance, a person who is afraid of walking alone at night is actually afraid of what may happen to them while walking, such as being robbed.  But should they find themselves being robbed, the fear of being robbed will be replaced by a new fear, perhaps of being injured.  And if injured, the fear of being injured will be replaced by a new fear of another as yet realized experience.

So what does all this mean?  It means that we can overcome our fears when we recognize that fear is an anticipatory response that can only exist outside the present moment.  This awareness means that we can live outside of fear when we understand and accept that even while in the midst of our most feared experience we would not be afraid of that current experience.  We cannot avoid the inevitable experiences that cause us anxiety and distress, but we can work toward eliminating the fear we create and experience as the result of living in a future yet-to-be by holding ourselves in a present moment mindset – a place where fear does not exist.



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365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness


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Day 73


I choose to be happy NOW.

My happiness comes from within.

My happiness is a choice and a product of my perception.

My happiness is independent.

I am happy NOW.

Happiness is part of our natural state of well-being.  No matter what we are we are surrounded by, no matter what we believe we lack, no matter how busy or tired or disappointed we are, we can still be happy.  Though struggles and pain can make choosing to experience happiness a challenge,  it is always a choice, one made possible by shifting perspectives.
When we set prerequisites for happiness – when I have more money, when I get a new job, when I fall in love, when I retire – we make happiness an elusive dream, one we may never catch up to.  None of us know what our tomorrows will bring or how many we have in front of us.  What if we wait too long?   By choosing to be happy in the moment, just as things are, we create a pathway for the rest to come…and feel better while we’re waiting.   We may have to wait for retirement, but no one has to wait for happiness.  Happiness is part of who we are already.  It’s only a matter of choosing to let it be our dominant expression.

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Day 15


Today I will stop during my day to center myself in the *experience* of living.

Be-ing is important to me, and I make it a priority.

I am not just a participant of my life, I am an observer of the participant.


Thinking and doing are the inevitable result of being alive and human.  We are thinking and doing creatures.  We are also creatures that are capable of experiencing existence within stillness, awareness and presence, through a type of non-action called be-ing-ness.   Be-ing is the result of stopping thought and ceasing action long enough to surrender to the experience of experiencing, becoming an observer, and allowing life to happen without discomfort or resistance.   Be-ing is as important to our inner harmony and physical wellness as thinking and doing.   Be in awe.  Be in the moment.  Be in harmony.  Be in the presence of the Divine.  Be still.  Be at peace.  Be in your heart.  Be in love.  Just BE…

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Day 11


I am grateful for positive changes in my life.

I stay in balance through change by consciously making time to be still, to release anxiety, and to breathe.



Even the very best changes can be overwhelming and cause us anxiety, and when we’re anxious we forget to breathe, we forget to pause.  Unreleased chronic tension can take it’s toll, even manifesting as pain and illness. It’s important during any time of change, to step away from it occasionally, doing nothing but focusing on being still, present and breathing deeply.

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Day 5


I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment.

I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment.

I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment.


A perfect NOW moment is a point that lies between two experiences.  It’s found in the space between the totally unremarkable and the completely memorable… the holding on and the letting go…what was and what will be.  Aliveness occurs everywhere; living is in the NOW.



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Day 236


I intend to live fully, here and now.

I do not wait for someday or oneday; today is my living reality.


“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me”… “I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired and gobble up samples in shops”… “and run my stick along the public railings and make up for the sobriety of my youth.”  (by Jenny Joseph)

I’ve long enjoyed Ms. Joseph’s poem, but would love to ask her, “Why wait until you’re an old woman?  Why not wear purple now?”  Perhaps it is in a very human attempt to feel immortal that we save so much living for tomorrow.  After all, if living is saved for a later date, then the future must be certain… Or so we would like to believe.

We save words for better moments, clothes, linens, and dishware for special occasions, and the reaching for of goals for a later point in life when we have more time (is there a 25 hour day coming sometime in the near future that no one told me about?).  We save our dreams for ideal settings and our hearts for ideal partners.  Why?  What if tomorrow never comes? What if life never matches up to our ideal?

An email went around several years ago, telling of the man who’d bought his wife a very beautiful nightgown, which he secreted away in a closet to give her some day when the time was right.  As the story goes, his wife was suddenly killed and he found the nightie he’d never given her, the sight of which filled him with regret.  So how many joys, dreams, words, chances, clothes or pieces of crystal are you saving?

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Day 231


In moments of stillness I become at-one with all Creation.

Today I will practice deliberate stillness of mind and body.


The infinity of The ALL is found in the pause of no-thing-ness and that pause can be deliberately experienced with a bit conscious intention. Consider making the effort to *STOP* several times throughout the day today to quiet your mind into silence, to relax your body into non-action, and to be fully present in that  moment of Life thru stillness.  Attempt to experience this brief “pause” each time you move from one activity to the next in your daily routine.

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Day 136


I stand in the present moment of my life, assessing and appreciating the abundant harvest that surrounds me.


What do you see when you look at your life?  Do you see the gifts, the glory, the generosity the world has bestowed on you?  Do you see today?  Or do you see tomorrow, what you have yet to face, or a myriad of certain yet-to-exist struggles?   Any of us can be the farmer who, when looking at his fields, abundant and thriving, immediately begins calculating the cost and effort to plant the next season’s crop.  Or we can stand next to our fertile lives, pausing to admire the bounty we have created for ourselves and that which the world shares with us.  It’s a choice.  What will you choose?          

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Day 90


I set aside time to recall beautiful days gone by, but I LIVE in the moment that is now.


There is only this moment, the present, the now.  Everything that was, no longer is.   It can be fun to reminisce and recall cherished memories, but when the past dominates the thoughts, life is being missed.  Life can only be LIVED in the present moment.  New memories can only be created in the here and now.  Every time thoughts are placed in the past, the moment that is here and now is lost forever, and a chance to make a new memory is gone.  What is no longer NOW was a stepping stone of experience leading right up to this moment, which can be lived or lost.  How many moments do we want to lose by holding on to what was, reliving what was done, or dreaming of what could have been?  Today I intend to catch myself leaving the here and now to venture back in time.


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Day 20


There is only NOW. 

The past is gone, the future has yet to be, the only reality is NOW.

There is no other place to be but HERE, NOW.


If my thoughts are on something that’s happened previously then I am missing  the present.  My body can be in the now-moment, but where my mind is is where my existence is.  If my thoughts are on something that has yet to happen, then I am missing the present.   The only moment that is real is the one that IS.  What WAS and what WILL BE are not reality.  If  I want to be fully alive in life, fully living, then I must be HERE, NOW.

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Day 6


Today I will practice stillness


In moments of stillness I become at-one with all Creation.   Today I will make the effort to *STOP* several times during the day to quiet my mind into silence, to relax my body into non-action, and be fully present in that moment of Life thru stillness.   I will try to remember to experience this “pause” each time I move from one activity to the next in the daily routine.   The infinity of The ALL is found in the pause of no-thing-ness.

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