365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness —————————–

Be the Leaf…

Day 69 Affirmation: I let go my resistance to life’s natural rhythms and allow myself to be carried through change and growth. I surrender my need to control every outcome and circumstance and allow life to unfold naturally. I  surrender to faith. I live with trust. I let go. Surrendering is not giving in or giving up, … More Be the Leaf…

Be Here Now

Day 5 Affirmation: I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment. I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment. I am right here, right now, fully present in this moment. _________________ A perfect NOW moment is a point that lies between two experiences.  It’s found in the space between the totally … More Be Here Now

Let Go and Let God…Out

Day 64 Affirmation: I am always connected to my Source. I keep my heart open so that I can share my spark of the Divine with the world.                                           _________________________ My intention for today is to remember that I am not separate from my Source (God/HigherSelf/Love/Light).  I do not have to open myself up in order … More Let Go and Let God…Out

Filling in the Gaps

Day 44 Affirmation: I am repairing the holes in my experience, filling them with love.                               _______________ A life is like a tapestry, woven of many experiences, each creating a part of the whole.  Some are vibrant, some are dull, some are of fine silk, others scratchy wool.   And some create the effect of a hole in our fabric.  … More Filling in the Gaps

Breaking the Emotional Habit of Fear

Day 36 Affirmation: I refuse to let the fears of yesterday be the fears of my tomorrow.                                        ___________________________ As my brain throws out reasons for me to feel threatened or afraid based on something I experienced in the past, I will pause and ask myself, “Is there a real threat here now or is this a … More Breaking the Emotional Habit of Fear

No Regrets

Day 32 Affirmation: I let go of regret. I make mistakes, learn from them and move on with responsibility and grace.                                            ____________ I think everyone can look back on a time when they believe they could have made a better choice.    How often  people say, “If I had it to do over again…”  But even if … More No Regrets