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365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness



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Day 70


Today I will see God in the details.

If we want to know Divinity, all we have to do is look around.  In every particle of light filtering thru the window we can know the Absolute’s illumination. In every newly revealed green leaf & blossom, we can see the Divine’s celebration of life. In every bird song of joy, every child’s cry of need, and every lover’s sigh of passion, we can hear voice of the Infinite Spirit. In this morning’s hot coffee and tonight’s cool sheets, in a stranger’s smile and an old friend’s embrace, in the rhythm of our breath and the beating of our hearts, in all the little details we can experience the Source of all existence as it appears in ordinary life and experiences.

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Day 166


I make it a priority to prepare my inner being for each day.

My soul  is just as valuable to me as my body and I give both equal care.


At the start of each day we dress our bodies with clothes, jewelry, makeup, hats, hair products, shoes and other items meant to make us both feel good and keep us protected from the environment.   Most people make a fair effort in this daily dressing of the body, even referring to it as a daily ritual.  What if we were to apply that same daily care and devotion to the soul and spirit?   In fact, our inner being needs daily care and dressing just as much as the body does.  It needs to be bathed in stillness and silence.  It needs to be protected from the environment in garments of light and love.  The soul yearns to be daily nourished by a conscious flowing connection to its Source.   It aches to be adorned with beautiful jewels such as grace, gratitude and devotion.   Creating a morning ritual that dresses the soul for the day can be as simple as spending a few moments in prayer or as involved as a deep meditation or yoga practice.  The choice is always ours, but we should at least consider preparing the inner world before stepping into the outer one.   Just like the body, when left undressed the soul is vulnerable to, and ill-prepared for, the harshness of the external world. 



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Broken Eggs: Rebuilding After Personal Crisis By Charles K. Bunch PhD

(Recommended companion reading  for this affirmation)


Day 156


I am grateful for this gift, disguised as a problem.

I know that I will be delivered from this gift to an even greater one, because I will accept nothing less.

Thank you.


A serious problem has presented itself.  It is something that, at first glance, might even feel too big to overcome.  The usual response to such a perceived threat is for the victim-mind of the ego to quickly take control.  When this happens we either feel defensive or suddenly powerless.  Powerlessness prompts feelings of panic or worry, with thoughts that begin, “How will I ever…” or “I can’t possibly…”   Defensiveness will give rise to anger, a need to attack, and thoughts that begin, “How dare they…”   While both of those responses are normal -from an ego-centered perspective- they are never in our best interest.  Responding from a healthy, empowered sense of self will always yield a better outcome.

We can avoid egoic reactions by first recognizing their immediate march to the front of our consciousness, and then by saying no to them and refusing to react in any way.  Begin by instantly detaching.  Immediately become an observer of the situation and see it for what it is.  In that light it might not even be as serious as it first appeared.  Then, serious or not, remind yourself that a  problem can only be as big as your perception of it.  Affirm to yourself that whatever it is, it is manageable and that, under the facade of trouble it presents, is a gift waiting to be revealed.

By approaching problems from a place of positive perspective and empowered response, you set the wheels of the Universe in motion to present you with precisely what you are affirming-a greater gift on the other side of the one you are holding.

Every time you catch yourself starting to have a thought of worry or anger, stop!  Recite the mantra, “Thank you for this gift, I accept it as such.  I know that I will be delivered from this gift to an even greater one, because I will accept nothing less for myself.  Thank you.”  Feel grateful and excited about where this may lead and what it may reveal.  If you are diligent about remaining empowered,  you will not allow the victim-mind of the ego to take control.  And I promise you, you will be amazed at how beautifully the problem resolves!


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Day 129


I embrace and accept the light-ness and the dark-ness as essential forces comprising the whole of physical existence. 

I live in a harmonious acceptance of duality, learning from it, and growing into unity, through it.


Physical life is a never-ending interplay of the forces of duality, of light and dark.  How beautiful it would be to dance only in the light, the joy, the goodness and the glory, but in our world of two-ness and opposites, we can not, nor should we, avoid dancing in the dark.   By resisting or denying the experience of pain, suffering, and heartache in the world, we only deepen its hold on us.  We can only truly be free of darkness when we embrace it, when we accept its presence, when from it we achieve the greatness of compassion, charity, and forgiveness.  Accepting the dance of duality opens a space in the heart for unity.   Harmony is not found in only having, only loving, only knowing joy, it is found in appreciating the full spectrum of life, from love to hate, from joy to sorrow, from self-pity to gratitude.  Balance is not found in denial but in acceptance.  See life as this dance, a constant and necessary interplay of polarity and opposing forces, creating and destroying, coming together and tearing apart.  Embrace the whole of experience, the shadows and the source,  and you will begin to possess an equanimity that allows you to dance with the entirety.

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Day 64


I am always connected to my Source.

I keep my heart open so that I can share my spark of the Divine with the world.


My intention for today is to remember that I am not separate from my Source (God/HigherSelf/Love/Light).  I do not have to open myself up in order to “let God in”.  God is ALREADY in. I must open myself up in order to let God OUT.  And when I do, I allow God to love thru my heart all those I meet… Including the one I meet in the mirror.

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365 Days of Inspiration

Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness

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