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Day 125


I celebrate life.

I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life.

I celebrate the big reveals in the small details.

I celebrate living.

Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It may be storming but outside birds still sing.   Find a reason to celebrate.  Look around the world and see the goodness, the glory and the greatness!  Look in the mirror and see the smile, the wisdom and the potential!    Rejoice in the monumental small details, the clean water, the gentle hug, the bee that dances from flower to flower.   Celebrate good times, past, present, and future.   Celebrate the Divine and Sacred gift of existence!   Find a reason, any or none at all, but CELEBRATE!

And if my passionate words aren’t enough…. listen and just try not to dance!  Celebrate!


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Day 74


I am grateful for the gift of my children.

I respect my children as individuals, on loan to me for a short time, but their own beings.

From a non-physical perspective, children choose their parents before they are born.  They do not come into our lives to be reflections of us; they come into our lives to be better than our best, to learn and grow from and with us, and to resolve and rise above what we cannot.  It is our great challenge to encourage and promote them in that quest.  We may be expected to nurture and teach them, but they come into our lives to teach us, as well.  And most of all, they are not ‘ours’.  They are every bit their own souls, with their own personas, their own journeys to travel, their own lessons to learn from life,  and – as every parent knows – their own minds.   They are amazing, beautiful, magical  gifts we are given to hold for a while, and then we must let them fly with the wings we have shown them they have.

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Day 71


I am a loving person.

I express my love both directly and indirectly.

Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay.

All loving is good loving.

We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult to get along with or maybe they just feel emotionally unavailable to us.   Sometimes these are people we’re estranged from.  Whatever the circumstances, we find ourselves unable or unwilling to be actively loving (love expressed through direct action like affection, communication, intimacy or support).  Sometimes it is in our best interest to make that choice.  Such a lack of involvement does not mean we do not love or can not be loving in a different sense.  When we find ourselves unable to love another actively, we can love them passively.  We can spend time feeling our love for them without sharing it directly.  We can pray for or bless them with loving thoughts.  We can even engage in a loving – though imagined – dialog with them.  We can envision our love for them as a stream of white light energy leaving us and going to them.   Love felt for another person, even if indirectly and passively expressed, find its way to them.  They will receive the energy of that  love we feel, imagine, or send.  It will also help us fulfill our soul’s desire to be loving under circumstances that might otherwise challenge our ability to do so.

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Day 70


Today I will see God in the details.

If we want to know Divinity, all we have to do is look around.  In every particle of light filtering thru the window we can know the Absolute’s illumination. In every newly revealed green leaf & blossom, we can see the Divine’s celebration of life. In every bird song of joy, every child’s cry of need, and every lover’s sigh of passion, we can hear voice of the Infinite Spirit. In this morning’s hot coffee and tonight’s cool sheets, in a stranger’s smile and an old friend’s embrace, in the rhythm of our breath and the beating of our hearts, in all the little details we can experience the Source of all existence as it appears in ordinary life and experiences.

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Day 65


I am living my Purpose daily.

I exist because I exist.

My life’s meaning is my life.

A search for the meaning and purpose of one’s own life can never be found; it can only be lived. That is because there is nothing to find, it is already right here, right now.  The answer to, “Why am I here?” is found in the question.  We are here because we are here.  What we are meant to do with ourselves is whatever we are doing.

Our purpose is to live, to experience this ever-changing, bewildering, amusing journey called existence.  And to what end?  To one day cease living this physical experience and transition into non-physical life.  And what to do in between, while living the experience?  Just what we are doing now– learning, growing, falling, rising… laughing, crying, surrendering, retreating… making dinners, checking homework, paying bills, calling friends… holding hands, making love, creating new life, saying goodbye to old life… buying, selling, earning, losing… experiencing, evolving, questioning, serving, sharing, and wondering things like, “Why am I here?”

Every minute we exist we are defining our Purpose by whatever our actions are in that space of time.  In this moment my purpose is to write and share thought, in the next it will be to bring forth life in the garden, and after that it will be to send a FAX to the State of California.   Purpose and meaning are not fixed, they are fluid.  And we exist so as to exist- creating, expressing, experiencing our lives into whatever story we wish to tell.  Perhaps the better question to ask is, “What story do I want my life to tell?”

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Day 61


I value life as a precious gift.

I live the moments of my life fully.

I am grateful for every next moment of life I am given.


Life is a precious gift that comes to us in moments and other brief and intangible snippets of time.  None of us knows how many tomorrows we’ll have, all we can do is cherish those that arrive.   Holding life as a sacred experience – too sacrosanct to waste on the trivial and trite, the fleeting and the impermanent – is truly honouring the gift we are given – one brief, flickering, extinguishable moment at a time.  By cherishing the precious gift of life that is ours, we honour those who are given fewer heartbeats than us.

[In loving and tender tribute to the beautiful Woman my voice calls Susan and my heart calls Sister.  A model of Grace, Courage, Strength, and Hope for all who knew you here.  Enjoy your new Home!  Iloveyou.  SS]

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Day 57


I am proud for my children’s successes, achievements  or good example.

I support my children’s dreams, hopes and happiness.

I encourage my children and other young persons to be better than my best.

Many parents feel resentful when their offspring shine where they never could, achieve what they never dared, and aspire to be what they never even conceived of being.   Many parents feel threatened by their child’s good looks, popularity, and healthy self-esteem.   When a child flourishes in an aspect of their life that a parent feels insecure about in theirs, the potential for rivalry, control issues, and emotional abuse arises.   Many insecure adults relate to their children with an air of competition.  If there must be any competition between parent and child it should either be in good fun or in order for the child to learn to succeed and surpass their parent competitor.

The spiritual reality of the parent-child relationship is this– children are supposed to become better humans than their parents.  Every generation should be better at being human than the previous.  Such is the essence of evolution.  Everything that a parent models is intended to offer their child a chance to become more loving and more successful in life.  As parents it is our responsibility to encourage our children to be better than we are… in every way.  And when they are, we need not be threatened.  We can smile and know we have done our job well. If our children are more successful, more compassionate, more creative, more authentic, more courageous, more independent, more secure, smarter, stronger and happier than we have ever been, we can be very proud.

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Day 55


I consciously create the legacy I wish to leave.

I act in harmony with how I wish to one day be remembered.

How we remember someone when they leave this world is largely the result of how they lived.   We are remembered  for our words and our  deeds.   It is not the selfish, intolerant and cruel who are remembered as heroes, saints and humanitarians.  While no one should live their life worrying about what others think, it can be a nice wake up call to stop and ask, “What do I want to be remembered for when my time here is done?”   If the answers are in harmony with how we’re now living, then who we are and how we want to be thought of are aligned.   If they are not, it’s never too late to begin living the legacy we desire to leave.  It’s not too hard either.  To be remembered as a gentle warrior for love, gently love.  To be remembered as a shooting star, work toward your dreams.  To be remembered as authentic, be yourself.

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Day 45


I am love manifest in form.

I am blessed with abundant love in my life.

I am never alone or without love.

I am loved by unseen forces at all times.

I love myself as I wish to be loved by others.

I give love without condition.

I give and receive love without fear.

I act from love.

I accept love from others with an open heart.

I see love in all things.

I know there is no place where love can not be found or planted.

I welcome all that is love into my life.

The energy of love is a stream flowing through me.

I am loved beyond measure.

I generously express the love that I am.

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Day 44


I embrace romance as a magical and loving part of my life.

I choose to engage in romantic moments.

I choose to experience romance in my life for and by myself .


Romance evokes calm, simplicity, ease, imagination, and of course, love, but romance isn’t something that just happens, it’s created by action and perception.  And it needn’t involve two people; it only takes one.  By adding romance to our day, night or world, we add a bit of magic, a touch of whimsy, a hint of fairy tales, a splash of dreaminess, and a dot of innocence.   Romance indulges the senses with soft soothing sounds,  inspiring aromas, flickering flames, sensuous fabrics, and simple calming colors.   Romance is personal, something we can customize to meet our soul’s imagining.   We can engage romance with a partner if there is one, or in blissful solitude if there isn’t.  Whether it’s a candlelit dinner for two or candlelit bath for one, wrapping each other in satin while reading Neruda, or wrap oneself in cotton while reading Elizabeth Gilbert, we can all bring a little romance to our private moments.

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Day 40


I make time for love.

I put love first.

The sharing of love’s expressions is a priority in my life.

Love is often put on hold.  It happens when a child wants to be in their parents company but mom and dad are “too busy”- making dinner, working in the yard, checking emails, etc..   It happens when a partner suddenly feels affectionate or amorous but their chosen is more interested in taking the dog to the park, finishing the crossword puzzle, the video game or the internet search for lost relatives.  It happens when family calls just to say hi but the phone goes unanswered because a favorite TV show is airing.   What are our priorities?  What are we putting love on hold for?  Is it something more important or can it wait?

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Day 36


My life and my dreams are always supported.

I am never alone in my journey.

I see evidence of Divine support all around me.

I am abundantly grateful for every spiritual hug I am given.

The gifts of support and love that Spirit offer are everywhere and ever-present.  Nevertheless, the synchronicities, signs, aha’s and it-just-so-happened moments often go unnoticed or are dismissed. Whether we acknowledge them or not, there are infinite great works being done on our behalf.  This support is intended to help us stay on our evolutionary course, uplift our spirits, reaffirm truth, manifest our dreams and remind us that we are not alone. When awake to the messages and nudges we are given we become conscious travelers, able to see more clearly, and less likely to journey blindly.

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Day 34


I accept that I am human and I make mistakes.

I accept that making a mistake creates a path toward growth and expansion.

I do not blame or berate myself when I err, I accept responsibility and move on.

I do not cling to feelings of guilt when I err, I accept my humanness and move on.

What does your inner critic say when you err?  Does your self talk include labels such as stupid, idiot, or worse?  Does your inner critic whisper (or worse, shout) words of criticism?  Turn off the critic and turn on the loving and supportive voice of the inner friend.  We all make mistakes; from mistakes we have opportunities to learn.   Toddlers fall as part of their path to walking.   Teens have their hearts broken as they learn to be in and out of relationships.   Meals are burned, haircuts are crooked, accidents happen, secrets are spilled, and hurtful words are spoken, all as part of the human path of growth.  To hold onto self-blame, guilt or regret, does nothing to promote growing from the experience.  When a mistake is made or a wrong is done the healthy path is the one that begins with forgiveness.   If we do not love ourselves enough to forgive our own mistakes and poor choices, neither will anyone else.  And if we cannot forgive ourselves, we will never be able to accept forgiveness from others.

Be human, make mistakes, accept responsibility for them, and then love yourself through forgiveness and into growth.

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Day 30


I love beyond fear.

I love with the fullness of my being.

I love with a complete commitment to loving.

I love without expectation, comparison, or attachment.

I love with surrender, vulnerability and daring.

I love for the sake of loving.

I love in the present.

I love.


To love with only half of one’s heart is an incomplete act.  Refraining from complete surrender is usually meant to protect one’s emotions and sense of self from some sort of possible threat.  It is much like sending only half of one’s army to battle, leaving the other half to defend the kingdom.  It may make sense to those whose only goal is to protect the empire but to those who wish to win the battle, all must be committed to the cause.   To love is to risk pain, perhaps even in the most melodramatic sense, ruin.   Yet to love and be loved is the very ache every heart longs to fulfill.  Every soul desires that the arrow of love pierce and impale itself in our hearts.  We want to win the battle most of all but to have complete love we must commit our hearts to giving love completely, in spite of its risks and in favor of its infinite rewards.   Yes, love hurts but there is no more sweeter wound than that which befalls the soldier on the battlefield of love.  There is no cause more worthy of our commitment.   And there is no greater victory than conquering fear and living in the spoils of true love.

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Day 26


Each morning I begin again, alive with hope, determination, and courage.

I awaken to each day as if awakening to another incarnation.


Every new day delivers the promise of full potential.  Each morning is the start of a new, 24-hour lifetime.  No matter what setbacks or disappointments yesterday brought, a new day promises new opportunities and every chance to start again- in love, hope, courage, faith, determination, and empowerment.

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Day 23


Every step I take is part of my sacred journey, without exception.

I honour my living as a sacred excursion.

Whether dancing dutifully with the ordinary or mindfully engaged in the esoteric, every single step that you take is part of your sacred journey.   Our physical lives are the journey of a soul collecting experience and expanding.  They are the journey of the Divine, masquerading in form, in search of Itself.   They are the journey of a body, a heart, and mind, working with the Universe to create a blueprint of creation for the next generation, and the next, and the next.    There is no step, however muddy or mundane, that diminishes the sacrosanctity of the entire journey.   Revere and honour it all-every struggle, every triumph, every divine inspiration, and every swept floor-for these are the life experience souvenirs of your sacred journey.

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Day 22


Today I intend to see the world as a playground where I will let my inner child out to play.

The inner child is often only given his or her due consideration when an issue is being worked through or a trauma is being healed.   Few have escaped childhood without some emotional wound- and while it’s valuable to reclaim and love that inner child into our healing- he or she can offer us something else, something equally valuable.  That little boy or little girl who permanently resides in each of us doesn’t just hold pain, he or she also holds joy, abandon, wonder, and a true sense of play.   Let’s not only hold those inner children as precious victims but also as mighty examples of how to live life fully.  Let’s let our inner little boys and girls go out today and have some fun.  Let them remind us how to laugh at ourselves, how to make messes we can be proud of and how to be generous and forgiving.

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Day 19


I put my attention today on that which is abundant, prosperous and joyous, thereby planting the seeds that tomorrow may bring abundance, prosperity and joy.

Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to step out of what it sees as an inevitable reality (such as a future of doom and gloom) in order to realize that there is no inevitable reality.  Tomorrow only exists in the mind and it is being created by the seeds that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are planting today.  To stop the process of creating a future we don’t want to experience, we must begin by imagining the future we want today.   We cannot plant turnip seeds if we want daisies to bloom tomorrow.

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Day 13


I will not let fear keep me from authentic relationships.

I will not make excuses, when fear is the real roadblock.

I have the courage I need to take a chance on love… and I will.


Stop thinking… just jump.

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Day 4


I am a limitless expression of the Divine.


There are no boundaries around human potential.    It’s as infinite as the imagination.   The walls we bump into aren’t there to tell us we’ve reached our limit; they’re obstacles put in place to test our resolve (“How badly do you want this?”) or lead us toward a better path of fulfillment.

“When asked if she could ride a two-wheeler,  Lily didn’t say she couldn’t because she’d never ridden one – which she hadn’t – no, she just smiled her authentic six-year-old Lily smile and said, “I don’t know, I haven’t tried yet.”  

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Day 3


I  love unconditionally, with both my heart and my eyes wide open.



Truly loving another does not mean being blind to faults or flaws or imperfections, it  means seeing everything clearly and still loving.  It means knowing that all those faults and quirks and idiosyncrasies make up the very fabric of the person we love.  When we love another unconditionally we love the whole person, not just the parts that suit us.  Loving unconditionally does not mean turning a blind eye to unloving behavior , it means loving in spite of the behavior- even if from a healthy distance.   True love is not blind but it is unconditional.   It sees the whole and loves the whole because it is the sum total of our parts that makes us who we are.

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Day 1 


I am born again in the life that was waiting for me.

I am the author of my life and I alone am responsible for how I live it.

I am true to myself.

I am not threatened by the fears of others.

I will never again let life tell me no.

I am free to live and I began today.


Let this be the year for the birthing of our authentic natures.   Let each of us allow our true selves and  true potential  to come forth and express.   Let our gifts be shared, our passions blaze, our hearts love fully.  Let this be the year for breaking free from the fear, the doubt and the lack of self-worth that have crippled our genuine expressions.   Let’s not be concerned with the unaccepting opinions of others, for they speak through the filter of their own fears.    Or worry about going alone; love will always support and encourage, even when it doesn’t understand.    Let this be the year to surrender any notion of who we think we ought to be  so that who we are can flow freely forth from our inner to our outer beings.   Let’s commit to living as the unlimited and expanding expressions of LIFE that we are, beginning now, this first day of this new year.

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