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Day 132


I follow my dreams, hopes, ideas, goals, inner urgings and aspirations.

No matter what is in my way, I am unstoppable.

I am a self-starter.

I have initiative.

I am motivated.

I make things happen.

I am known for getting things done.

I believe that all things are possible.

I am grateful for a Universe that is always conspiring to help me.

We’ve all had dreams we’ve never pursued.  Goals that have never been fulfilled.  Ideas that have never been manifested.  Feelings that have never been shared.  We can’t allow resistant or negative thoughts to stop us and we need to stop making excuses for our own lack of initiative.  Money, time and contacts are not enough to stop us once we make up our minds to do something.  It’s not always possible to transform the thoughts that seek to hold us back so we have to press on in spite of them.   Sometimes it isn’t about not being afraid; it’s about being afraid and doing it anyway…..


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Day 169


I will not be concerned about the limited thinking of others.

I will not be hindered by my own feelings of limitation. 

I believe in possibilities.

The Divine exists within everything and The Divine is limitless, therefore everything contains limitless potential.


It’s easy to be swayed into feelings of limitation when confidence is shaky.  If my thoughts are of the not possible, too hard, no way, not enough time, or don’t see how kind, then I am approaching my situation from limitation.  If others offer me the same sort of garden variety limiting thoughts, they too are viewing the situation from a perspective of limitation. 

If an endeavor, issue, or goal is seen through the lens of limitation, then the situation will, in fact, be bounded and held in a limited space.  Nothing can be held in the space of infinite possibilities unless it is perceived as such.  Our thoughts either cage our opportunities in limitations or free them with limitless beliefs.  

Consider any one of the most amazing events you’ve experienced in your life – how you met your partner, how you came to live where you do, how you found your way to a sense of purpose, for example.  Think for a moment about how that situation came to be.  Consider the many unexpected twists and turns that preceded its presentation in your life, the number of dominoes that had to line up just so to make it happen…  Mind boggling, isn’t it?  And while you knew you wanted the outcome, how it would all come together was something you never could have imagined, because even our imaginations are limited by our thoughts.  When you look at your own incredible experiences and what went into making them happen, how can anything be impossible? 

We can’t begin to perceive how creation is orchestrated, so why hinder it from the onset with feelings of limitation? Don’t cage your dreams in, and don’t let others cage your dreams in either.  Let them soar freely, with pure belief in possibilities…


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