The Natural Reality of Impermanence

Day 62 Affirmation: I accept that all life is in a constant state of flux. I accept impermanence as an inherent part of living in the natural world. I do not cling to life, people, things or experiences. I understand that everything is impermanent and eventually gives way to something else. I deeply appreciate my … More The Natural Reality of Impermanence

Never Again

Day 161 Affirmation: Never again will I be this *me* that I am in this life. Never again will I have this mind, this life experience, and these opportunities to become all that I can be. I may live a thousand lifetimes, but the *me* I am in this lifetime gets but one chance and … More Never Again

Be Here Now

Day 20 Affirmation: There is only NOW.  The past is gone, the future has yet to be, the only reality is NOW. There is no other place to be but HERE, NOW.                          _______________ If my thoughts are on something that’s happened previously then I am missing  the present.  My body can be in the now-moment, but where … More Be Here Now