Rising Above

Day 60 Affirmation: I rise above opportunities to express fear and anger. I choose to respond to life with and from love. I choose to be better than the examples others set. I grow and evolve with life’s experiences. I am my own hero. One of life’s great lessons is to rise above and be better for our circumstances … More Rising Above

Survive and Thrive

Day 38 Affirmation: I choose strength. I choose courage. I choose to get up and go on. I choose to be stronger than I was yesterday. I choose to do more than survive life, I choose to thrive. The road is bumpy, the challenges are weighing down, the clock is ticking, hope is slipping away… … More Survive and Thrive

Love vs Attachment

Day 234 Affirmation: I let go my need for attachment and reside in my desire to love. I do not cling; I surrender I am not compulsive; I am free _____________ Love and fear cannot co-exist, and unhealthy attachment is a compulsion or need that arises from fear.  Love is a state of connectedness that requires … More Love vs Attachment

Saying Yes to Money

Day 108 Affirmation: Having abundant financial resources is a blessing and a gift. Having money offers freedom, security, and opportunities that promote living my life to its fullest potential. I like having a lot of money. I release all my negative beliefs about money and embrace having money as a gift to my life experience.                                       ________________ … More Saying Yes to Money

Filling in the Gaps

Day 44 Affirmation: I am repairing the holes in my experience, filling them with love.                               _______________ A life is like a tapestry, woven of many experiences, each creating a part of the whole.  Some are vibrant, some are dull, some are of fine silk, others scratchy wool.   And some create the effect of a hole in our fabric.  … More Filling in the Gaps