Strength and Weakness Walk Hand-in-Hand

Day 63 Affirmation: I know my strengths and I embrace them. I know my weaknesses and I accept them. I am grateful for the whole of my self. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses.  They are our personal gifts and challenges.  It’s easy for the ego to lead us to feel falsely BIG about ourselves because … More Strength and Weakness Walk Hand-in-Hand

Finding Peace

Day 235 Affirmation: I am free of inner conflict. I am at-one with my life. I am at peace in my mind. I am at peace in my spirit. I am at peace in my heart. I am at peace. I am peace. ——- We all need a place we can go to find peace, … More Finding Peace

Personal Best

Day 163 Affirmation: I always do my best and my best is always good enough.                                 ____________________ Giving our best effort to everything we do shows respect and appreciation for the opportunities we are given.  It can also stretch us to give a bit more than we want to when we’re not wholly enthusiastic about … More Personal Best