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Day 125


I celebrate life.

I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life.

I celebrate the big reveals in the small details.

I celebrate living.

Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It may be storming but outside birds still sing.   Find a reason to celebrate.  Look around the world and see the goodness, the glory and the greatness!  Look in the mirror and see the smile, the wisdom and the potential!    Rejoice in the monumental small details, the clean water, the gentle hug, the bee that dances from flower to flower.   Celebrate good times, past, present, and future.   Celebrate the Divine and Sacred gift of existence!   Find a reason, any or none at all, but CELEBRATE!

And if my passionate words aren’t enough…. listen and just try not to dance!  Celebrate!


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Day 113


I make mistakes, but I am perfect.

I disappoint others, but I am perfect.

I have much to learn, but I am perfect.

I fall short of my own expectations, but I am perfect.

Part of authentic living is accepting that perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean being talented, successful, or good at everything we do. Perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean being strong and victorious in every effort. Perfection does not exist if by perfection we mean never being wrong, without knowledge, or mistaken. Perfection can only exist within an individual if we define it as – how well we live ourselves.  Perfection is being ourselves honestly and with integrity.  Of course to be perfect at being ourselves we must accept that we are.

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Day 163


I always do my best and my best is always good enough.


Giving our best effort to everything we do shows respect and appreciation for the opportunities we are given.  It can also stretch us to give a bit more than we want to when we’re not wholly enthusiastic about what we’re doing.  But doing and giving our best effort does not mean perfection.  It means we do the best we can with what we have to give from and with.  Sometimes our best is tragically awful and guess what?  It’s good enough because it was the best we could do.  There can be any number of reasons why our best seems to fall short.  Maybe we’re lacking tools, experience, support, or confidence.   Maybe we’re not feeling well, or having other issues weighing heavy,  but if we’re giving it our best, we can feel good about our effort.  It doesn’t matter if your best is not good enough for someone else, just so-so, or a shining example of incorrectness, as long as you know you gave it your best on that day, at that time, and under those circumstances.  And in that is found peace of mind.

His First Time Hosting Thanksgiving

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