Everyone A Teacher

Day 116 Affirmation: Everyone I meet is my teacher. We have something to learn from every person around us, friend and stranger alike.  Sometimes the lesson is obvious, sometimes we have to look for it, but one is always there.   A rude person can teach us courtesy; a slow person, patience.  An abusive person can teach … More Everyone A Teacher

Filling Ourselves Up

(Recommended companion reading for this affirmation) Day 252  Affirmation: Food is fuel for my body. I eat when my body needs nourishment, not when my heart does. I eat to support my physical body, not my emotional body.   ________________ Sometimes when we haven’t been accepted, understood, or loved, we learn to stop asking for what we need.  We stop looking … More Filling Ourselves Up

Leave ‘Em Wondering

Day 232 Affirmation: Today I intend to smile at everyone, everywhere I go. __________________ It’s a good day to *SMILE* !  If for no other reason than we all feel better when we smile and we all like feeling GOOD!   Smile at strangers instead of looking away.   Smile at someone you don’t get along with–and leave ‘em wondering!   Smile at your own … More Leave ‘Em Wondering

Saying Thank You

Day 88 Affirmation: When someone offers me a compliment I will accept their words with a smile and a simple “Thank you.”                                          ________________________________________ Have you ever really listened to the way most people accept a compliment?  Very often it sounds something like this- (In response to,  “Your hair looks great today.”)  “Really?  It’s sort of flat…”  … More Saying Thank You

Leave Them Wondering

Day 7 Affirmation: Today I intend to smile at everyone everywhere I go.                                  __________________ It’s a good day to *SMILE* ! If for no other reason than I feel better when I smile and I like feeling GOOD!  I’ll smile at strangers instead of looking away. I’ll smile at someone I don’t get along with–and … More Leave Them Wondering