Being the Example

Day 129 Affirmation: I am the example I wish to see. I am an example of my highest values and beliefs. I am an example of the Divine in the physical world. I am an example of determination, fortitude and perseverance. I am an example of grace, tolerance and compassion. I am an example I can be proud … More Being the Example

Celebrate Existence

Day 125 Affirmation: I celebrate life. I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life. I celebrate the big reveals in the small details. I celebrate living. Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It … More Celebrate Existence

Passive Loving

Day 71 Affirmation: I am a loving person. I express my love both directly and indirectly. Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay. All loving is good loving. We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult … More Passive Loving

The Importance of Community

Day 56 Affirmation:  I value community. I make the effort to engage myself in communities with which I have shared interests. I am grateful for the community of friends/colleagues/like-minded others to which I belong. I find support and understanding within my communities. I have something of value to offer others within my communities. To belong to a community is an … More The Importance of Community

Cultivating Self-Worth

Day 27 Affirmation: The foundation of my life is built from the inside out. I consciously live my life upon a strong, enduring, and independent foundation of self-worth.   We can appreciate the opinions others have of us- both good and not so -but the opinions we have of ourselves are those from which we must cultivate our self-worth.  Valuing and validating … More Cultivating Self-Worth

Somewhere Out There

Day 14 Affirmation: I am ever grateful to a Universe that never fails to ensure I have support. I am grateful to those who show up in my life to help me overcome challenges and sort through life’s confusion. I walk my journey always with the support of at least one other loving soul, to … More Somewhere Out There

Filling Ourselves Up

(Recommended companion reading for this affirmation) Day 252  Affirmation: Food is fuel for my body. I eat when my body needs nourishment, not when my heart does. I eat to support my physical body, not my emotional body.   ________________ Sometimes when we haven’t been accepted, understood, or loved, we learn to stop asking for what we need.  We stop looking … More Filling Ourselves Up

Giving Just A Bit More

Day 135 Affirmation: I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence. I am generous toward others. I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.                     ____________________ Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others … More Giving Just A Bit More

Taking a Chance

Day 109 Affirmation: Today I make up my mind that I will do just one thing I have long wanted to do, and will daily takes steps toward making it happen.   I make a committment to myself to take this chance and believe that I can make this happen.   When I make a committment,  I … More Taking a Chance