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Day 129


I am the example I wish to see.

I am an example of my highest values and beliefs.

I am an example of the Divine in the physical world.

I am an example of determination, fortitude and perseverance.

I am an example of grace, tolerance and compassion.

I am an example I can be proud of.

So often we look to others to be role models and examples of spiritual courage, fortitude, devotion, charity or enlightenment, such that we do not recognize our own example.   Remember that step you took away from those who did not support you?  A shining example of courage.  The day you took a deep breath and rose again, when every fiber of your being wanted to quit?  Fortitude  in the flesh.   Those infinite moments when you’ve silently whispered, “thank you” to a Universe of love?  Pure devotion.   Every time you’ve offered a smile, a helping hand, shared a dollar, given of your time to sit with a friend or family member?  Beautiful examples of charity.   And all of those intuitive flashes of pure knowing, awareness, and unity?  Enlightenment.    Just for today, let’s see ourselves as our own heroes and our own role models.  Look in the mirror and see the example we are. 


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Day 125


I celebrate life.

I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life.

I celebrate the big reveals in the small details.

I celebrate living.

Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It may be storming but outside birds still sing.   Find a reason to celebrate.  Look around the world and see the goodness, the glory and the greatness!  Look in the mirror and see the smile, the wisdom and the potential!    Rejoice in the monumental small details, the clean water, the gentle hug, the bee that dances from flower to flower.   Celebrate good times, past, present, and future.   Celebrate the Divine and Sacred gift of existence!   Find a reason, any or none at all, but CELEBRATE!

And if my passionate words aren’t enough…. listen and just try not to dance!  Celebrate!

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Day 71


I am a loving person.

I express my love both directly and indirectly.

Sometimes passive loving is all I am capable of and that is okay.

All loving is good loving.

We all have people in our lives who challenge our ability to be loving.  Maybe we think of them as being difficult to get along with or maybe they just feel emotionally unavailable to us.   Sometimes these are people we’re estranged from.  Whatever the circumstances, we find ourselves unable or unwilling to be actively loving (love expressed through direct action like affection, communication, intimacy or support).  Sometimes it is in our best interest to make that choice.  Such a lack of involvement does not mean we do not love or can not be loving in a different sense.  When we find ourselves unable to love another actively, we can love them passively.  We can spend time feeling our love for them without sharing it directly.  We can pray for or bless them with loving thoughts.  We can even engage in a loving – though imagined – dialog with them.  We can envision our love for them as a stream of white light energy leaving us and going to them.   Love felt for another person, even if indirectly and passively expressed, find its way to them.  They will receive the energy of that  love we feel, imagine, or send.  It will also help us fulfill our soul’s desire to be loving under circumstances that might otherwise challenge our ability to do so.

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Day 56


I value community.

I make the effort to engage myself in communities with which I have shared interests.

I am grateful for the community of friends/colleagues/like-minded others to which I belong.

I find support and understanding within my communities.

I have something of value to offer others within my communities.

To belong to a community is an inherent part of being human.   Within groups we can find support and reassurance that may not be adequate or available in one-on-one relationships.   A community is no longer restricted to a physical grouping of people for a common interest, now we have virtual communities that can meet the need for group connection and support as well as any.   A community might be a sports team or quilting group, a church choir or a veteran’s organization.  It may also be an online group of social activists, writers or entrepreneurs.   Whatever the community or how it gathers, these groupings are shown to uplift and promote the welfare of its members.  As an added bonus, those who are connected to others through community groups, are known to be happier, healthier and live longer and more fulfilling lives.

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Day 34


I accept that I am human and I make mistakes.

I accept that making a mistake creates a path toward growth and expansion.

I do not blame or berate myself when I err, I accept responsibility and move on.

I do not cling to feelings of guilt when I err, I accept my humanness and move on.

What does your inner critic say when you err?  Does your self talk include labels such as stupid, idiot, or worse?  Does your inner critic whisper (or worse, shout) words of criticism?  Turn off the critic and turn on the loving and supportive voice of the inner friend.  We all make mistakes; from mistakes we have opportunities to learn.   Toddlers fall as part of their path to walking.   Teens have their hearts broken as they learn to be in and out of relationships.   Meals are burned, haircuts are crooked, accidents happen, secrets are spilled, and hurtful words are spoken, all as part of the human path of growth.  To hold onto self-blame, guilt or regret, does nothing to promote growing from the experience.  When a mistake is made or a wrong is done the healthy path is the one that begins with forgiveness.   If we do not love ourselves enough to forgive our own mistakes and poor choices, neither will anyone else.  And if we cannot forgive ourselves, we will never be able to accept forgiveness from others.

Be human, make mistakes, accept responsibility for them, and then love yourself through forgiveness and into growth.

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Day 27


The foundation of my life is built from the inside out.

I consciously live my life upon a strong, enduring, and independent foundation of self-worth.


We can appreciate the opinions others have of us- both good and not so -but the opinions we have of ourselves are those from which we must cultivate our self-worth.  Valuing and validating ourselves based on the feedback of the external world makes for an unsteady, temporary and dependent foundation of self-worth.   In truth, the worth found in the feedback of others or the world is not self-worth at all, it is external-worth.   Self-worth is inner-worth, a sense of value that originates from within the self.   What the world thinks can support our feelings of self-worth but is an artificial and unstable source for them.

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Day 16


I see miracles everywhere.

I see all miracles as created equal.

I am humbled and awed by the miracles of life and existence that are all around me.

I welcome all miracles into my experience.

I am grateful for the miracles in my life.

There are no small miracles.  There are no big miracles.  To the universal font of creation a life-saving healing is no bigger or greater an occurrence than a fortuitous encounter on the street.   Creation does not know the limits of more and less because creation It-self is limitless.  All creation is equally meaningful to its Creator.  Humans assign degrees of importance, worth, and value to acts of creation because we think in terms of judgment, limitation and duality.  The Universe does not.  From a non-physical perspective, every encounter, every birth, every happenstance, every synchronicity, every bit of support made manifest is just as grand and meaningful as every other.

We don’t have to limit ourselves and our thinking either. We can learn to think like the Universe.  The job, the relationship, the healing, the purpose, the resources, the human being, the ant, the quiet moment, the parking space up front, the coupon for free gas, the feather, and the cloud can all be embraced equally without measuring one against the other.  When we view our experiences and the world as independent of  all else – without comparing or thinking of bigger or smaller, lesser or greater- we see each as meaningful and miraculous- period.

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Day 14


I am ever grateful to a Universe that never fails to ensure I have support.

I am grateful to those who show up in my life to help me overcome challenges and sort through life’s confusion.

I walk my journey always with the support of at least one other loving soul, to whom I am grateful.


This brilliant, loving, Divine Universe never allows us to find ourselves in the middle of an issue, struggle, challenge, obstacle, difficulty, trauma or heartache without ensuring that we have at least one human companion to help us through.  That person may be a stranger with sage wisdom or brute strength, or it may be a beloved with time to listen.  They may be in our lives only to help us through that problem, or they might be or become a lifelong friend.  We may feel totally and utterly alone in the world, but there is always someone, somewhere in our experience, who is there specifically to help.  The key is to allow our earth angel into our experience.  We can’t be so stuck in feelings of isolation that we do not see or hear their presence.  They are there, waiting for us to give them an opening.  No matter how hard life gets, remember- somewhere in the world is at least one person, sent and ready to help, when we are ready to receive.


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Day 1 


I am born again in the life that was waiting for me.

I am the author of my life and I alone am responsible for how I live it.

I am true to myself.

I am not threatened by the fears of others.

I will never again let life tell me no.

I am free to live and I began today.


Let this be the year for the birthing of our authentic natures.   Let each of us allow our true selves and  true potential  to come forth and express.   Let our gifts be shared, our passions blaze, our hearts love fully.  Let this be the year for breaking free from the fear, the doubt and the lack of self-worth that have crippled our genuine expressions.   Let’s not be concerned with the unaccepting opinions of others, for they speak through the filter of their own fears.    Or worry about going alone; love will always support and encourage, even when it doesn’t understand.    Let this be the year to surrender any notion of who we think we ought to be  so that who we are can flow freely forth from our inner to our outer beings.   Let’s commit to living as the unlimited and expanding expressions of LIFE that we are, beginning now, this first day of this new year.

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Day 254


*I release all resistance to well-being.

I accept nothing less than well-being in my life.

I make choices that promote well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.

I am worthy of well-being in my life.

I welcome all that supports my well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.


It usually happens without our awareness.  First we get comfy.  Then discomfort begins in some area of life and we ignore it,  make excuses for it, or perhaps complain about it, but take no action to end it.  After a while we become accustomed to the discomfort and it becomes our new normal.  Living in physically unsafe housing, being in a relationship that provides financial security but offers no emotional stability, remaining in a loathsome job, and continuing to make poor nutrition choices in spite of health problems, are just a few examples of how we find – and keep – ourselves in patterns of resistance to well-being.

Breaking those patterns involves recognizing them, accepting our worthiness of something more or better, and taking action in the direction of well-being.  Sounds easy.  It isn’t.  Feelings of unworthiness are often deep-rooted and may even require counseling to effectively heal.

Making change can provoke fear.  After all, the uncomfortable known can be easier to live with than any unknown, no matter how much potential for comfort it may hold.  Nevertheless, facing the challenge is worth the time, effort and inevitable tears because WE are worth the time, effort and inevitable smiles.

No matter what is holding us back, we can –  with support, determination, and courage –  make the changes that propel us out of resistance and into well-being.

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Day 252 


Food is fuel for my body.

I eat when my body needs nourishment, not when my heart does.

I eat to support my physical body, not my emotional body.



Sometimes when we haven’t been accepted, understood, or loved, we learn to stop asking for what we need.  We stop looking for our emotional needs to be met by the world.  We quit sharing our pain and our need for support and comfort.  We learn to rely on ourselves to meet our basic emotional needs for love, comfort, and fulfillment.  And then, sometimes, we start to eat… and eat… and eat. Food can easily become how we feed our emotional selves.

We can ask the question, “With this food, am I feeding my body or my heart?” If the answer is “heart” it’s important to determine what is REALLY needed in that moment. Comfort? Support? Reassurance? Once the truth is made conscious, we can start feeding the spiritual and emotional centers with the (self)love and (self)acceptance they are craving.


emotional eating

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Day 135


I believe that giving and sharing with others is crucial part of the dance of existence.

I am generous toward others.

I always give just a bit more than feels comfortable, easy, or enough.


Charitable giving is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  When we give something to others in need, we place ourselves squarely in our hearts and help uplift the whole of humanity.  Charitable giving reinforces the awareness that we truly are one human family, on one shared planet, intended to love and support one another whenever and however we can.   When it comes to how much we give, most of us have a comfort zone.  For years my number was twenty.  If I were donating to an organization, I always gave $20.  Twenty felt good.  Twenty felt like enough.  Twenty felt do-able.   Then one day I got a little nudge.   The inner voice said, “How about challenging yourself to give more than feels good to you?”  The idea to give beyond what feels easy, comfortable, do-able and enough, was born.   

When we give just a bit more than is easy,  giving becomes a transformative experience, taking us truly out of ourselves.   Giving  moves to a whole new level of authenticity.   The next time you get ready to make a checkout donation for a $1 ask yourself if you can push that gift a little further.  The next time you get ready to give to your favorite .org charity, consider what you’d planned to give, then consider going just an inch out of the comfort zone.  You’ll be amazed how good one small inch can feel to the heart! 

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Day 109


Today I make up my mind that I will do just one thing I have long wanted to do, and will daily takes steps toward making it happen.  

I make a committment to myself to take this chance and believe that I can make this happen.  

When I make a committment,  I keep it. 

I’m going for it.


Think of just one thing you have long wanted to do, see, experience, learn, try or even wear, and write it down.  Stare at your words and now, firmly intent on achieving your desire, make a committment to daily take steps toward its realization.  And take that first step today.  The first step might be information gathering, or announcing your decision to others you need support from, but force yourself to take whatever first step you can.  Then applaud yourself- you are own your way.  You’ve made a committment to yourself and you will honour it.   Every day do something, anything, to engage or promote the fulfillment of your desire.  And above all else, believe it will come to be.  Let nothing deter you.  If you don’t think others will be supportive, don’t tell them.  Enlist and engage only those who will encourage you.  Do not let self-doubt, fear, or what others might think, hold you back.  Go for it, it’s your life, no one else’s.  Be open to the guidance and support of the Universe, which, if you believe in your goal, will do everything possible to help you reach it.  If you are looking,  you will see evidence of that support all around you in the form of synchronicities, coincidences, aha moments, and other divinely timed miracles.  Take a chance, starting today. 

A few regret trying; a great many regret never trying.

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