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Day 66


If I never got lost, I’d never learn to find my way.

I accept the mystery of not-knowing.

I am grateful for all aspects of my journey.

Every day is a winding road that we’re traveling for the first time.  Some days we feel like seasoned navigators, others more like orphans dropped from the stars.   Our displaced orphan days are often the hardest to journey through.  Imagine being placed in a car, in the middle of a foreign landscape, with no knowledge of where you are, and being told to drive to a city called Point B.  Not knowing where we are in life can feel much the same, but those are the days of *growth* and *expansion*.   Those are the times we have opportunities to cultivate faith, build inner strength and surrender to the mystery.  And it doesn’t matter if we get lost, because it isn’t about the destination,  it’s what we learn along the way.


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Day 243


I surrender to the mystery of not-knowing how things will turn out.

I let go my need to have certainty and control.


No one can know with any certainty what tomorrow will bring.  The best anyone can do is count on it arriving, and even that is not guaranteed.  When such uncertainty presents itself, we have two ways in which to respond- we can engage our rational minds and plan for, or worry about, outcomes, or  we can let go and be accepting of the unknown.  In a world where ‘taking control’ and ‘being in charge’ are held in esteem, it can be hard to accept the I-don’t-know factor that is an innate part of life’s journey.  Choosing and acting upon our choices is necessary, but so is allowing things to unfold in their most natural, resistance-free way.

The mysteries of life were once held sacred, revered as those conditions where everything-and-nothing resides, where the Divine resides.  It would serve humanity well to again embrace the mystery of not-knowing as a sacred trust placed in the heart of the Divine.  When we surrender our need-to-know and need-to-control, we allow ourselves a rare chance to breathe, with minds free and hearts wide open.  In such a state, hope blooms and is watered by faith, and we experience the natural (not forced) rhythms of life as they move thru us.   When we surrender to the mystery we find serenity and ease.

Catch yourself today when you have controlling, need-to-know thoughts, and immediately release them.  As you do, feel the pressure leave your body.  Feel your head lighten, your shoulders drop, and your stomach relax.   Allow your grasp to be freed as you give those reins to the Universe to hold.

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