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Day 129


I am the example I wish to see.

I am an example of my highest values and beliefs.

I am an example of the Divine in the physical world.

I am an example of determination, fortitude and perseverance.

I am an example of grace, tolerance and compassion.

I am an example I can be proud of.

So often we look to others to be role models and examples of spiritual courage, fortitude, devotion, charity or enlightenment, such that we do not recognize our own example.   Remember that step you took away from those who did not support you?  A shining example of courage.  The day you took a deep breath and rose again, when every fiber of your being wanted to quit?  Fortitude  in the flesh.   Those infinite moments when you’ve silently whispered, “thank you” to a Universe of love?  Pure devotion.   Every time you’ve offered a smile, a helping hand, shared a dollar, given of your time to sit with a friend or family member?  Beautiful examples of charity.   And all of those intuitive flashes of pure knowing, awareness, and unity?  Enlightenment.    Just for today, let’s see ourselves as our own heroes and our own role models.  Look in the mirror and see the example we are. 


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Day 60


I release the expectations I place on others.

I seek to control only my own behaviour.


It is easy to become frustrated when others do not act in ways appropriate to my expectations.   If I have expectations of consideration and I am ignored, I am likely to feel badly.  If I have expectations of receiving a gift and none arrives, I am likely to be disappointed, hurt and frustrated.  Whatever my expectations are, I must recognize that they are based on MY beliefs, feelings, previous experiences, moral, values, ethics, ideals, dreams and more.  My expectations are a reflection of ME and to place them on another, especially if they haven’t been informed of them as a guideline that I’ve set for THEIR behaviour, is unfair and unjust.  I can not control the behaviour of others.  I can not force someone else to adhere to my expections.  I can only, myself, act in congruence with my own expectations.  If I expect courtesy, I must be courteous.  If I expect kindness and respect, I must give kindness and respect.   I will allow others to be and act in accordance with their own beliefs, feelings, morals, values, ideals, dreams and previous experiences.  I will not allow myself to be mistreated but I will also not mistreat others by placing my guidelines for behaviour upon them.    I always have the choice to disassociate with those whom I am not in rapport with.  I can always choose my response, but it is not my place to choose another’s. 

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