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Day 137


I only make choices that are beneficial to my life and support my well-being.

I only make choices that support my growth into a  more empowered and more authentic, loving human.

It is easy to get into the habit of making choices that do not serve one’s life or self.   That may be the habit of choosing an unhealthy relationship, choosing to be in situations which promote victimhood, or choosing to worry (which offers nothing positive to any experience).   Consciously choosing that which is physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy is always the right choice, for both the self and others.  Choosing to nourish the body with the healthiest possible food is choosing well-being.  Choosing to end or avoid engaging in toxic situations is choosing to support one’s growth.  Choosing to view oneself as worthy and valuable is choosing empowerment.  Choosing to feel compassion, tolerance, understanding and acceptance is choosing authenticity.   Choosing to have a positive attitude and positive thoughts is choosing to be a more positive, loving person.   Being conscious of what one is choosing – and whether or not the consequences of those choices  support well-being – is an important part of living a joyful, healthy, authentic life of love and truth.


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Day 73


I choose to be happy NOW.

My happiness comes from within.

My happiness is a choice and a product of my perception.

My happiness is independent.

I am happy NOW.

Happiness is part of our natural state of well-being.  No matter what we are we are surrounded by, no matter what we believe we lack, no matter how busy or tired or disappointed we are, we can still be happy.  Though struggles and pain can make choosing to experience happiness a challenge,  it is always a choice, one made possible by shifting perspectives.
When we set prerequisites for happiness – when I have more money, when I get a new job, when I fall in love, when I retire – we make happiness an elusive dream, one we may never catch up to.  None of us know what our tomorrows will bring or how many we have in front of us.  What if we wait too long?   By choosing to be happy in the moment, just as things are, we create a pathway for the rest to come…and feel better while we’re waiting.   We may have to wait for retirement, but no one has to wait for happiness.  Happiness is part of who we are already.  It’s only a matter of choosing to let it be our dominant expression.

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Day 58


I honour the boundaries of others.

I respect and honour other’s lives as their most personal asset, to share as they choose, or not at all.

I know only what my own boundaries are and make no assumptions about the boundaries of others.


In line at the market was a forty-something woman who was showing [anyone who would look] photos she’d just picked up from a photography studio.  They were Glamour Shot type pictures of her daughter.   They were attractive, but did she have a right to share them with strangers?  In doing so was she honouring her daughter’s boundaries? 

A man met a woman who had lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks.  He wanted to know more so he went online and researched her husband’s death.  Was he being respectful of the woman’s privacy and honouring her boundaries? 

A friend shared that she learned her son and his girlfriend had recently had sex for the first time.  How many had their personal boundaries violated in that disclosure?    

Looking where we aren’t invited to look, sharing what isn’t ours to share, giving away bits of information not ours to give, or engaging in any other violation of privacy is disempowering to others and dishonours their right to create their own healthy boundaries.    If asked about another’s well-being, social or marital status, health or other personal matter- unless given permission to have such a conversation- we should always defer to the subject of the questioning.   Want to know if my friend is single?  You’ll have to ask him.  Wish to know how that co-worker’s surgery went?  You’ll have to ask her.  Without clear authority to speak on another’s behalf or delve into their world, we have no right to presume to know what their boundaries are or if we are breaching them.  We empower others when we give them the right to choose the parameters of their own boundaries.  We also show them we value their world, their lives, their stories and even their images as their own.  And in the process of respecting others boundaries, we empower and remind ourselves to create and promote our own healthy boundaries.

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Day 17


I am alive.

I am in perfect health and no one can tell me otherwise.

Every part of my body, every cell is operating for my best interest and well-being.

I am slim and strong and vital.

Illness, disease and discomfort have no place in my life and no longer exist for me.

I am youthful and in a constant state of rejuvenation.

This is not an affirmation based on denial or fantasy.  It’s an affirmation based on creating an emotional paradigm or inner reality that – if fully believed, affirmed and supported with right action – can become physical reality.

If we live with an emotional paradigm of physical suffering and ailments, our actions and choices will sabotage any desires we may have for well-being.  If we live with an emotional paradigm of illness, everything we do – however unconscious – will support our becoming or staying ill.  But when we shift that paradigm to one of health, wellness, and vitality we find ourselves joyfully, easily and often unconsciously taking action to support being healthy, well and vital.  When we take control of the paradigm from which we experience physicality we become empowered in our health. This affirmation may not assert where we are right now, but it is the first step toward where we all want to be.


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Day 254


*I release all resistance to well-being.

I accept nothing less than well-being in my life.

I make choices that promote well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.

I am worthy of well-being in my life.

I welcome all that supports my well-being in my life.

*I release all resistance to well-being in my life.


It usually happens without our awareness.  First we get comfy.  Then discomfort begins in some area of life and we ignore it,  make excuses for it, or perhaps complain about it, but take no action to end it.  After a while we become accustomed to the discomfort and it becomes our new normal.  Living in physically unsafe housing, being in a relationship that provides financial security but offers no emotional stability, remaining in a loathsome job, and continuing to make poor nutrition choices in spite of health problems, are just a few examples of how we find – and keep – ourselves in patterns of resistance to well-being.

Breaking those patterns involves recognizing them, accepting our worthiness of something more or better, and taking action in the direction of well-being.  Sounds easy.  It isn’t.  Feelings of unworthiness are often deep-rooted and may even require counseling to effectively heal.

Making change can provoke fear.  After all, the uncomfortable known can be easier to live with than any unknown, no matter how much potential for comfort it may hold.  Nevertheless, facing the challenge is worth the time, effort and inevitable tears because WE are worth the time, effort and inevitable smiles.

No matter what is holding us back, we can –  with support, determination, and courage –  make the changes that propel us out of resistance and into well-being.

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Day 246

Affirmation:   If I must make an assumption, I will assume only the best.


All too often we voyage through our days making negative assumptions about people,  things, and circumstances without any basis in immediate fact.  Our inner dialog can sound like this-

  • “That kid looks like he’s up to no good.  The way he’s wandering around the parking lot I think he’s looking for a car to break in to.”
  • “He’s withdrawn today, not paying me attention and not being affectionate. I must have done something wrong.”
  • “I always have problems at this store, today won’t be any different.”
  • “That (crying) child is spoiled.”
  • “She’s acting like a drug addict.”

Though most of our assumptions are based on some previous experience or knowledge, many are still incorrect.  Making negative assumptions may offer a sense of control in dealing with unknowns, but it also places our primary thought pattern in a negative vibration while unfairly judging others.   The reality is that sometimes we simply *do not know* why things appear as they do.  If we do feel the need to assess and assume, then it would be in everyone’s interest to assume the best.  Assuming the best gives others the benefit of the doubt while promoting our own positive energy patterns.

What if… The kid who looked like he was up to no good was actually an honor student who’d forgotten where he parked his car.

What if… The husband/boyfriend was withdrawn because his thoughts kept going to a new project he had going at work and you were not part of the equation at all.

What if… The visit to the store went off without a hitch.

What if… The child was crying, not because she was spoiled, but because she didn’t feel well.

And what if… The girl who acted like a drug addict was actually developmentally disabled.

If we’re going to make idle assumptions- and we all do and will- let’s at least try to keep them positive.  We may be wrong, but that’s okay.  At least our humanity has risen above the tendency to find fault and see the world thru the shadow of negativity.

(Note: This affirmation refers to those ordinary daily interactions we have with the world which are of no threat to our well-being or safety.  I am not  referring to extraordinary interactions which require us to rely on intuition or intellectual assessment for personal safety.)


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Day 128


I accept that sometimes I must let go in order to grow.

However difficult it can be, I respect loss as a part of expansion.


Imagine you are driving from Los Angeles to New York.  To prepare for the trip you will probably want to clean out the car.  You’ll make sure the trunk and back seat area have plenty of room for your luggage and anything you might collect along the way.   But what if the car is crammed full of stuff before you ever leave L.A?   You won’t have much room for anything new you might discover on your journey.   Well the journey through life is a lot like that journey across the United States.  You have to know when you’re overloaded with what you don’t need anymore, and let it go, in order to collect new experiences.  I’m talking about things like attachments to the past-old wounds, regrets and blame-and present attachments that are unproductive or unhealthy.  Sometimes a dream needs to die in order to make way for a new one.  Sometimes a hope must be let go of in order to realize something better.  Sometimes a relationship must be left in order to know a healthier or more meaningful experience.  Very often the losses we need to experience in order to know growth are not by our choice, but are thrust upon us.  A loss, however it is disguised, and by whatever means it arrives, is a signal for growth.  It is the removal of something you’ve held on to, in order that you might experience something else.  Letting go and loss are rarely experienced easily, but when resisted, the difficulty is only intensified and prolonged.  Surrender to loss, and let go of what is no longer useful, and you create space in your experience for new, unimagined opportunities for expansion, joy, and well-being.  

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Day 114


I keep my thoughts positive and on what is right, working, and abundant in my life.

If  a negative thought enters my mind, I do not give it any merit or attention, I replace it with a positive thought.

I put my mental and emotional attention on the thoughts that promote  joy, happiness, feeling good, peace, harmony, gratitude, well-being, empowerment, and love.


Every time you have a thought you plant a seed in your mind that has the potential to grow and become part of your physical experience.  This is how you create your world, your tomorrows and your next moments, with your thoughts, planting one seed at a time.  The attention we give to those thought-seeds is the fertilizer they need to grow.  If a thought merely passes through one’s consciousness, it is unlikely to ever become a manifested experience.  But if a thought-seed is fed one’s attention, it is being nurtured and it will begin to grow roots.  When the attention we place on our  thought-seed is imbued with emotion, we are feeding it with the most powerful fertilizer and is likely to sprout into physical reality.  If I have a thought such as, “I am without love.”  I have planted a “without love” seed.   If  I give that thought-seed my continued attention and focus, and if I have strong emotions accompanying my attention, that seed will likely become a manifested  experience of being or feeling “without love” in my physical world.   This is why it can be so hard to lift ourselves out of a negative state of mind.  Every negative thought plants a seed that produces more of the same, leaving us spiraling in a difficult direction.   This is also why it is so important to think thoughts of what we want, what we love, what we hope for more of, what we dream of having, and of what is right, functioning, and abundant in our lives.  By planting positive thought-seeds, we are growing more of what we love, want, and are grateful for in our lives and experiences.   No one grows corn by planting onions. 

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Day 101


Even if I am sinking in the negativity of a situation, I have the choice to lift myself out of the poison and be purified.

I would not choose to bathe in physical poison and I will not choose to bathe in emotional poison either. 

I choose to be purified and made better and stronger by life’s experiences.


Every difficult, challenging, and painful experience has the potential to both poison and purify.  When a situation poisons, it promotes negativity and toxic emotions.  It may cause us to become defensive, detached, or walled up.  Those who have been poisoned by their life experiences are often thought of as mean, bitter, resentful, or hurtful people.  Sometimes they are phobic, depressed or suicidal.  They may just be chronically unhappy, worried, or complaining.   When a situation purifies, it fosters positive emotions and well-being.  Someone who has been  purified by an experience is made better, stronger, more determined and more positive for it.   Those who have been purified have usually tasted the poison but have chosen to live without it.   People who have been purified by life are thought of as survivors, role models, and heroes.  They are the people who cause us to say, “I don’t know how he/she does it.   They are the ones who tell others to ‘make lemonade’.  You rarely hear them complain.  They exhibit an optimism and determination that allows them to be and be better for their trials.   So what makes the difference?  Choice.  Every experience that comes our way offers us a chance to become poisoned by negativity, or to be purified by the experience and better for it, but we alone decide which it will be.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki poses with Jim Martinson, an Army veteran who won the gold medal in downhill skiing at the 1996 Paralympics in Albertville, France, at the 24th National Disabled American Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Snowmass Village, Colo.


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Day 63


I feel great.

I am happy.

I am uplifted and positive.

Life is good.


No matter what is going on in the world around us, with just a little bit of effort we can maintain a positive attitude and a high energetic vibration, and it is important we do. We may find ourselves inundated with negativity, bad news, or miserable people but joining them serves no one.   Dropping my vibration down to the levels of others, for any reason, means I am of no help to them or the situation– to uplift others I must be of a higher vibration.   Periodically throughout the day, I can realign myself in a positive energy and higher vibration.  I can do quick meditations and clearing exercises wherever I am.  I can move into my heart easily by thinking about people, places, and things that evoke love.   Even taking a moment to remember a loving occassion can raise my vibration.  Pausing to feel gratitude will also keep my energy high.  Whatever I can do to keep my energies loving and positive will help me, others, and the world around me.  

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