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Day 231


In moments of stillness I become at-one with all Creation.

Today I will practice deliberate stillness of mind and body.


The infinity of The ALL is found in the pause of no-thing-ness and that pause can be deliberately experienced with a bit conscious intention. Consider making the effort to *STOP* several times throughout the day today to quiet your mind into silence, to relax your body into non-action, and to be fully present in that  moment of Life thru stillness.  Attempt to experience this brief “pause” each time you move from one activity to the next in your daily routine.


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Day 230


I am blessed with abundant love in my life.

I am never alone or without love.

I am loved by forces unseen at all times.


There are times when we all feel alone in the world or without the love and support of one true friend. Perhaps those experiences happen so as to inspire us to look beyond the obvious and visible. Even if stranded on an island in the middle of an infinite sea, one is not alone or without love. Each of us was given, upon our birth, one True Friend on the planet on whom we could always depend. This one person would be with us our entire lives, know everything about us and still love us unconditionally. This one person would stand with us even when we treated them terribly. This one person is our very own self and no person can love us more than we love ourselves.

We are each of us also blessed with love and support beyond this world. The Divine, that unexplainable formless Presence, is an infinite Source of True Love and Friendship. Whether we look within our hearts or to the Heavens, Divine Love is always with us, guiding, nurturing, supporting and loving us unconditionally all the hours of our lives. Be it Divine or Self, love is ours and always with us even when we feel terribly alone.

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